The View From Your Window: Moon in the Paris Sky



(Moon Over Paris, photo credit: Ben Rosengart; click image to make larger) Long-time TWN reader Ben Rosengart sent me three terrific shots this past week from three different windows he was housed in. I decided to post them one at a time. Above is part three, taken in Paris.

Pakistan’s Generals Really, Really “Heart” the Afghan Taliban



One of the zingers from the WikiLeaks War Diaries — some 92,000 classified reports on secret military hunting squads, on military encounters with the Taliban, unreported accidental killings of innocent civilians, and more — is that there may be detailed logistics and financial support of the Afghanistan Taliban by Pakistan’s ISI, or Inter-Services Intelligence.

Steve Coll on the WikiLeaks Afghan War Logs


(photo credit: PBS NewsHour) My New America Foundation colleague Steve Coll, a winner of two Pulitzer Prizes and one of the nation’s leading national security and intelligence experts on Pakistan, Afghanistan and India, appeared on The PBS NewsHour yesterday evening along with NewsHour correspondent Jeffrey Brown and journalist Philip Smucker to discuss the impact and…

A Surprise at the RNC’s Election Countdown Event!



While I think that RNC Chairman Michael Steele was pretty much on the money with his critique of the Afghanistan War, this is probably yet another wrong-headed landmine he’s stepped on. As TPMdc has revealed, Steele is organizing a party fundraising event at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles featuring Andrew Breitbart and others….