Pot-Smoking Afghan National Police Caught on Film


A member of the 82nd Airborne Division recorded this clip above of Afghan National Police puffing on a marijuana pipe before going out on patrol.
In an interview with Al Jazeera correspondent Clayton Swisher, US soldiers don’t feel as threatened by the drug-dazed ANP but find them “silly” and have a hard time getting them to be quiet and to focus.
This is the group that President Karzai says will be able to take over full responsibilities for security from ISAF soldiers by 2014.
These are also the units that Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin has reported so much progress in US-led ISAF training and partnering programs. My respectful difference with Senator Levin is that the Afghan military and police drug use Swisher reports on is not anomalous and more the norm.
— Steve Clemons


15 comments on “Pot-Smoking Afghan National Police Caught on Film

  1. Silly Bandz says:

    What do Silly Bandz and xmas trees have in common? They


  2. mike says:

    If the government goes with its ” get them trained and back quick” plan using the http://www.rocketranchacademy.com for the Afghan Air Force…it could happen in 9 months, saving mega millions of USD$$…drug free pilots trained in a neutral Central Asia Country and ready to go to work…wo we can get out, and the Afghans can’t runaway


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Remember the blond hashish that use to come out of Afghanistan?? Kinda dry and powdery??? Lebanese hash was often blond as well. Now Turkey, thats where the really good hashish came from. Black Primo??? Real tarry.
    One wonders at the quality of the weed these Afghanis are smoking before going on patrol. I haven’t smoked dope in twenty some-odd years, but talking to people that do, it seems the THC content is far higher, and modern weed, at least here in the states, is far far far more stoney than what we used to smoke. If these guys are toking on weed that has that kind of potency, there’s no way I’d wanna go into harm’s way with them.
    But hey, you can be damned sure if dope is that easily available in Afghanistan, there are huge numbers of American troops going into the field stoned to the gills. Its dumb to think otherwise. Remember ‘Nam??? If you weren’t a loady when you got sent there, you damned sure became one after a few months in country.
    We sure don’t seem to profit or learn much from history, do we? Sacrificing another generation of American kids for some misadventure designed by these self-serving cowardly pieces of shit in DC.
    Fuck ’em.


  4. Carroll says:

    Tomgram: Engelhardt, Clueless in Afghanistan


  5. Warren Metzler says:

    I’m having trouble understanding how every comment on this piece is not an explicit presentation, that until the Afghanistan people get their act together, and they can’t do that until they are left to fend for themselves, that the situation there today WILL NEVER CHANGE. The only rational option is to pack up and leave and them figure out how to the leave the 5th century B.C., and begin to make progress toward the 21st century A.D.
    How can anyone old enough to remember Vietnam not realize the exact same outcome is inevitable????!!!!
    C’mon folks, let’s start being in reality and repeatedly present our wonder Obama can be so stupid as to have stayed another day. I suggest a web site with a count up: “1 day the Obama administration reminded us how stupid they our for not having left Afghanistan yesterday”. Then 2 days, 3 days, etc., etc. until we leave.


  6. rc says:

    So some pot smoking Afghans go out on patrol as some of the most despised people in the country feeling chilled out and ready for their last day on earth while ‘tired’ US pilots scream through the skies popping speed pills and ready to kill the Taliban (and anyone else who moves funny *) as they haul out 93% of the world’s opium (**) out for urban consumers!
    Sounds like a major party going on out there!
    Who’s in charge of this policy screamer?
    What are they doing in the Pentagon and White House — mint tea?
    (*) e.g. http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2003/01/17/1042520778665.html
    (**) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opium_production_in_Afghanistan


  7. Don Bacon says:

    Oh. Is that what an MJ pot does,


  8. Dan Kervick says:

    “We know that one of the reasons you are looking for a Christian Louboutin Replica handbag or wallet is because, the authentic designer ones are just too expensive.”
    The other reason I’m looking for a Christian Louboutin Replica handbag is that, when filled with hammers, they make excellent tools for beating spammers senseless.
    Seriously, if Barack Obama launched a global counterspam war next week and started obliterating these guys with drone attacks, I would have no objection at all – collateral damage of no collateral damage.


  9. Don Bacon says:

    Tom Engelhardt has a fascinating piece on the Afghanistan air force and their Russian aircraft including “The Little Training Program That Couldn


  10. Don Bacon says:

    Okay, what is it.


  11. Dan Kervick says:

    “… puffing on a marijuana pot before going out on patrol.”
    A “marajuana pot”?


  12. Maw of America says:

    Like the Wikileaks memos, there is little in this report that most well-read people didn’t already assume – soldiers on the ground know that the government cannot take responsibility and survive for years, if not decades, if we leave. This war is not winnable because we don’t have the support of the public, our allies, or the Afghans to stay as long as would be necessary, nor the funds to pay for it.
    I like what Fareed Zakaria had to say on his show this weekend (“GPS”), but fear what Richard Haass told him – he doesn’t really believe the administration will make any substantive reductions in troop strength next year. I think it will ultimately up to the realists in Congress, i.e., the Democrats and Independents.


  13. questions says:

    I’m guessing McDonald’s can cash in now?
    That’s what really ends wars, anyway.


  14. Don Bacon says:

    The recently released “War Logs” include some published by the New York Times, with this summary.
    NY Times:
    The Pentagon is spending billions to train the Afghan forces to secure the country. But the police have proved to be an especially risky investment and are often described as distrusted, even loathed, by Afghan civilians. The reports recount episodes of police brutality, corruption petty and large, extortion and kidnapping. Some police officers defect to the Taliban. Others are accused of collaborating with insurgents, arms smugglers and highway bandits. Afghan police officers defect with trucks or weapons, items captured during successful ambushes or raids.
    Also in the news today is Pentagon coverage of the top US military man, Admiral Mullen, in a visit to a police station in Afghanistan.
    “At the station, Mullen praised the Afghan police for their dedication and their willingness to step forward to defend their nation and the Afghan people.”
    Admiral Mullen also said: “We have learned and adjusted. . .The next seven to nine months will be absolutely critical.”
    It’s the end of Friedman units (six months) and on to Mullen units (seven to nine months) — change you can believe in, because the Afghanistan police, despite what you might read, have a dedication and a willingness to step forward to defend their nation and the Afghan people.
    In other news, beer has no calories and men understand women.


  15. TFT says:

    I remember when I got stoned and thought I could
    No, that was acid.
    I remember getting stoned and being afraid to walk
    too far from our campsite because of the purple
    No, that was mushrooms.


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