UNAUTHORIZED (but assisted) Richard Perle Book to be Out in November 2007



I received an email yesterday evening from Leigh Ann Ambrosi, Director of Marketing for Sterling Publications, announcing that Sterling’s new imprint, Union Square Press, had signed Alan Weisman — “a veteran producer with CBS News, 60 Minutes and Charlie Rose — to write Prince of Darkness — Richard Perle: The Kingdom, the Power, and the…

The Military’s Moral Blinders: Criminals Preferred to Fill Ranks Over Gays



The New York Times ran a lead editorial today suggesting that to keep its ranks full, the US military is digging more deeply into the available American labor pool than it perhaps should and has already issued more than 125,000 “moral waivers” to new enlistees.

An Insider’s Insider: Richard Hohlt and the Plame Affair



This is an intriguing story that hit Newsweek on the role and influence of a relatively unknown super lobbyist and former staffer to Richard Lugar, Richard Hohlt. Hohlt is one of the major heavyweights in Republican party fundraising. Check out how he has spread the wealth.

Andrea Mitchell Says Secret 2003 Iran Negotiations Proposal Will Be Topic of Concern in Main Stream Media



This morning on The Chris Matthews Show, NBC Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell stated that she thought that discussion of the alleged May 2003 Iran proposal to the US would become more prominent in the main stream media.

Chuck Hagel’s Future: All Options on the Table



Senators Chuck Hagel (R-RI) and Jack Reed (D-NH) just acquitted themselves very well on Tim Russert’s Meet the Press. Hagel made an articulate, compelling call for a new American comprehensive strategy in the Middle East that includes robust diplomacy, coordination with moderate Sunni regimes in the Middle East and new forms of economic engagement.