The Actors in the Spring 2003 Iran Proposal to the U.S.



To tell the full story of the Spring 2003 dance that Iran, the U.S., and Europe briefly engaged in regarding a set of proposals — allegedly from both sides that would have led to normalizing US-Iran relations — one has to set the parameters of both stage and performers in this drama.

America’s Worst President?



USA Today founder Al Neuharth once chastised Senator Hillary Clinton for stating that George W. Bush’s presidency was one of American history’s worst. Neuharth promptly made his own list of worse presidents. Now, he has recanted and offered a mea culpa: I remember every president since Herbert Hoover, when I was a grade school kid….

Iran’s Bloggers



I had an interesting lunch meeting yesterday with German Bundestag Member Steffen Kampeter who chairs the Bundestag’s CDU/CSU Parliamentary Budget Committee — and among the many topics we discussed was the impact of blogs and blogging on American politics. Our discussion included the still nascent emergence of German blogs and bloggers.

Hillary and the Foreign Policy Establishment



American Prospect editor-at-large Michael Tomasky has written a brave critique on The Guardian‘s “Comment is Free” Blog of Hillary Clinton’s reasons for not saying “sorry” after her supportive votes of President Bush’s Middle East military adventure.