Who Should Be <em>Time Magazine</em>‘s Person of the Year?



Tomorrow I am taping a show at CNN‘s studios in New York on the process by which big decisions about stand-out “personalities” — heroes and villains — are made. This show will be a special segment on Time‘s “person of the year” decision-making process.

<em>Brokeback Mountain</em> Softens Up Montana?



“Brokeback Mountain” may not have won the Oscar for last year’s best movie, but it may have softened up some of the tough-guy crowd in Montana. It’s official. Jon Tester has de-listed Conrad Burns from the Senate roster as of January 2007.

Bernard Lewis & Fouad Ajami Kissed the Ring Enough Times



The White House has just released the roster of people being recognized for contributions to the arts and humanities. George and Laura Bush plan to award each his National Humanities Medal tomorrow (Thursday) morning. Bottoming out the list are two Bush ring-kissers and great buddies of Ahmad Chalabi: Bernard Lewis and Fouad Ajami.