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Washington Post Radio at 9:40 a.m.
And thanks to CNN, BBC, and WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show for an amazing evening last night as I bopped between networks.
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “<em>TWN</em> Media Alert

  1. Punchy says:

    Is “Pissed Off American” now going to have to change his name? Or, at the very least, have a lot less to be pissed about?
    BTW–Rumsfeld’s gone. Good riddance.


  2. Finest says:

    Barbarians at the Gate Dept:
    By January it will become apparent the government of the good ole U S of A will cease to exist. Whatever your political afiliation it will become painfully clear the asylum will be over run, and for two years there will be a descent into madness and hysteria. It will take that long for the country to pull itself out of it’s own quagmire and restore order.
    The barbarians are not at the gate, they own the gate, the moat, the castle walls.
    Long live Trotsky!


  3. Daniel CAZ Greenberg says:

    Congrats on a night of hard work. You must be fairly happy with what’s happened, all things being as they are (pending MO/VA).
    Did you get any neat pictures from any of the venues?
    Since I’m one of those newly-famous Fairfax County voters, you can start mailing us cookies of appreciation. We prefer fresh-baked, no raisins. 🙂


  4. MP says:

    Steve: I, too, understand your feelings about Chafee. I’ve thought a bit about the plight of moderate Republicans, i.e., Chafee, Snowe, Collins (who else?). Could they have done anything to change the direction of their party…bring it back toward the middle.
    I don’t know enough about the mechanics of party politics to say definitively, but it seems to me the answer is no.
    But what about this…
    What if Chafee and Friends had left the Republicans, not to join the Democrats, which might have pissed off their supporters who thought they were voting for a Republican…but to create a third party. Assuming they were able to line up financial backing to keep winning races, this could have been an interesting move.
    Depending on how large their minority block was, they could have had a significant impact on close votes. And if they had taken an unconventional, middle of the road stance, they might have been able to peel off a few more, and a growing number of, members.
    Most third party attempts in this country have tried to climb the mountain from the bottom…by running candidates who were not in office. This presented all sorts of inertial problems, not the least of which is getting the public to take them seriously.
    But these folks would have been experienced legislators and vote-getters. They would have been starting from a position of power. Regardless of how one feels about Lieberman, his win AGAINST his own party is an interesting test case.


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