New Type of Catastrophe Looms over America’s Iraq Deployments



I participated in a study group last night — and one of the scenarios discussed was the increasing probabability of a psychology-altering event having enormous impact on the vast majority of Americans. One of the scenarios was the prospect of Iraqi police and troops in a gun conflict with U.S.

Bob Gates Should Meet Up with Spc. Khai Krumbhaar in Kuwait: Thoughtful Letters on Women in Military and Gay Issues



It’s late. I should be asleep — but I was reading the Stars and Stripes tonight online and ran across a couple of letters to the editor by Spc. Khai Krumbhaar. I don’t know this soldier — but see that he has folks praying for him in St. Andrew’s Parish in Western Mexico.

Maureen Dowd on the Realists vs. Idealists



(President George and Laura Bush at casket of President Ronald Reagan) Ms. Dowd has a strong, smart piece on the battle between Bush administration insider realists and idealists and juxtaposes Bush’s inflexibility with Reagan’s dramatic turns. Read the whole thing, but here’s the best: Bush junior cast himself as the Reagan heir.

Roster of New Committee Chairs in US Senate



Issued today by Senator Harry Reid’s office: AGRICULTURE — Tom Harkin APPROPRIATIONS — Robert Byrd ARMED SERVICES — Carl Levin BANKING — Chris Dodd COMMERCE — Daniel Inouye ENERGY — Jeff Bingaman ENVIRONMENT & PUBLIC WORKS — Barbara Boxer FINANCE — Max Baucus FOREIGN RELATIONS — Joseph Biden HEALTH, EDUCATION, LABOR & PENSIONS — Edward…

Jim Leach Could be “Confirmed Unanimously” by the Senate



Here are copies of two letters that Congressmen Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Jim Walsh (R-NY) have distributed today to Members of Congress calling for the President to nominate Congressman Jim Leach as US Ambassador to the United Nations “in the event that Ambassador Bolton’s term is not extended.” Here is the “Dear Colleague“.