C. Boyden Gray’s Nomination Re-Activated?


Another controversial recess appointment made by President Bush was C. Boyden Gray, White House Counsel in the Bush 41 administration and Director of the Transition Team for Bush 43, who now serves as the unconfirmed Ambassador of the United States to the European Union.
A Senator’s “procedural hold” has blocked Gray’s nomination from proceeding through the confirmation process, but according to the Senate Executive Calendar, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar is reporting that his committee now plans to take up Gray’s nomination — though no hearing date has been announced.
Gray is widely recognized as one of the key architects of a rightward swing in America’s federal court system.
Despite many on the left viewing Gray suspiciously, he is privately quite hostile to what neoconservative influence has done to undermine America’s prestige and position abroad. He gets high marks from Europeans, and while supportive of President Bush which he must be in his role, he thinks America needs to get back in the alliance-building business.

— Steve Clemons


5 comments on “C. Boyden Gray’s Nomination Re-Activated?

  1. Ts Seduction says:

    Excellent post! 🙂


  2. Pissed Off American says:

    Anyone that would agree to be an “analyst” for Fox News has niether morals nor integrity.


  3. Marky says:

    He’s been a pernicious influence on domestic politics, a dishonest, slimy operator.
    The only good thing about him being an ambassador is if it keeps him out of the judicial wars.
    But it’s hard to believe he has many redeeming qualities.


  4. Den Valdron says:

    To hell with him.


  5. jf says:

    Excellent posts, recently. Quantity and quality. You’re back on top of my favorites.
    Anything specific re Gray’s ideology driven counsel? I think small business and entreps would have more to fear from a Bush loyalist forming alliances with EU. I’m thinking of likely outcomes to questions like net neutrality, DRM technology, and IP rights. But your point is the more immediate concern, and if he can help foster comradery, that would be good for national morale.


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