Bob Gates Should Meet Up with Spc. Khai Krumbhaar in Kuwait: Thoughtful Letters on Women in Military and Gay Issues


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It’s late. I should be asleep — but I was reading the Stars and Stripes tonight online and ran across a couple of letters to the editor by Spc. Khai Krumbhaar.
I don’t know this soldier — but see that he has folks praying for him in St. Andrew’s Parish in Western Mexico.
He is a very thoughtful guy given the tenor of two fascinating letters that he published in the military newspaper — one on gender issues in the military and the other on attitudes towards homosexuality. This individual is a high quality thinker who really deserves a position counseling the military on how to instruct soldiers on 21st century norms.
Here are the two letters. The first a response to an anti-gay letter by a soldier stationed in Baghdad:

15 November 2006 — Stars and Stripes Letter to the Editor
A reason for EO training

After I read “Why run article on gays?” (letter, Nov. 1), I realized why we endure long hours of Equal Opportunity training every quarter: Some people still don’t get it.
The letter writer was so offended by the mere mention of homosexuality that he took time out of wartime duties to write. He offered two weak excuses: that it has no military relevance and that he resented the “attempt to push the homosexual agenda on the military population.” Neither holds any water.
If the author reads Stars and Stripes, he’s noticed the many articles that have nothing to do with the military. I’ve seen pieces on Britney Spears, celebrity divorces and self-aware elephants. As for the assertion that homosexuality is inconsistent with the military lifestyle, the same could be argued for articles on competitive eating or increasing beer sales. At least being gay won’t make you die of a heart attack at 30, like downing 97 Krystal burgers in one sitting.
The “pushing agendas” comment made even less sense. What about the blatantly biased political cartoons? Only a couple of them are entertaining; some are anti-military. Where’s the captain’s outrage over Stripes pushing the baby boomer agenda with stories or financial problems among the elderly? Where’s his outcry against cartoons mocking the government? Where is his concern for review of racist, violent music?
You know where mine is? Nowhere. I understand that free speech and the right to pursue happiness mean I won’t always like what is said or done by others within the bounds of law. The article was tastefully and compassionately written. If he was so offended by it, he could have turned the page. Free speech also means he doesn’t have to listen to or read opinions he doesn’t agree with.
Spc. Khai Krumbhaar
Camp Buehring, Kuwait

The other responds to an article suggesting that women don’t belong in the infantry:

25 January 2005 — Stars and Stripes Letter to the Editor
Women wouldn’t slack off

I wish I was surprised by “Women don’t belong in infantry” (Dec. 15), but frankly I’m not.
The writer said he would leave his personal opinions aside, then expressed them in a very narrow-minded manner. I agree that women who want to join the infantry should meet the same physical training requirements. However, the reason weight and body fat regulations are different is because women are naturally supposed to carry more body fat than males. Feel free to ask your medic if you’re skeptical.
As for the claims that women would slack off, any woman tough enough to pass the male PT standards and infantry training is probably at least as motivated as the males. While in Iraq I have seen women carry heavier loads to prove themselves more than I’ve seen them loafing, and several of the females in my unit carry the heavier M249 light machine gun while the only M4 assault rifle is carried by the tallest man in our unit.
Decency requires that opposite genders have separate places to dress and shower when available. This is not preferential treatment but common sense. Remember in Kuwait where the whole unit shared one tent? The men kept to one side, the women to the other, and people changed their underclothes in the showers.
To prevent accidental pregnancies, infantry females could be required to be on birth control in the field. At other times, do remember that men can have children while in the military and women should be able to, as well.
The bottom line is, soldiers who can pass the same training should have the same opportunities, regardless of gender. Period.
Spc. Khai Krumbhaar

The incoming Secretary of Defense Robert Gates ought to arrange a meeting with Spc. Khai Krumbhaar and figure out how this person’s sensibilities might be spread throughout the military network.
— Steve Clemons


10 comments on “Bob Gates Should Meet Up with Spc. Khai Krumbhaar in Kuwait: Thoughtful Letters on Women in Military and Gay Issues

  1. Jennifer says:

    Robert if i ever see you i will blow your fucking head off. women can do whatever the fuck they want to and i know for a fact that women do it much better. so shut your ignorant ass up and get some pussy cause you know you couldnt live without us. Fuck you go suck a dick


  2. Brionna says:

    Spc. Khai Krumbhaar is a very forward thinker, with some very thought provoking ideas, and, I agree, should be counseling our military.
    Oh, and “he” is my sister.
    I guess she made her point.
    She has a lot of us praying for her at home also.


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  6. jf says:

    I’ll take an army with spirit over an army arbitrarily composed of a certain gender or sexual orientation any day. Live or die, I win.


  7. MP says:

    I believe the Spartans did well in battle.
    Israeli women soldiers seem to hold up their end of the bargain.


  8. Keith M Ellis says:

    “The bottom line is you win (live)with a male army and you lose with a female army.”
    Really? All those encounters between male and female armies conclusively demonstrate this?
    I shouldn’t honor your comment with a reasoned response, but there’s always the possibility that it might have some effect. Your reasoning is all based on an extrapolation of your ideas of essentialism. That is, you assume you know the essential characteristics of group x (which is questionable) and then you assume an extrapolation of how those characteristics will affect their competence in the military field is also necessarily correct. But you don’t actually know that even if women have the essential distinctions you think they do it is the case that they are unfit for infantry. You accept their competence as pilots which should give you pause considering that your argument was used against their competency as pilots, too.
    And the other big historical example, blacks in the military and an integrated military, used your exact arguments, as well. They assumed an essentialism and how that essentialism would translate into competency. Both those assumptions have been proven false.
    So, in short, your argument is entirely built on assumption, and essentialist assumption at that. It is an argument with historical parallels that should cast doubt on its reliability. Yet you hold to it vehemently. That is bias to the point of bigotry.


  9. Carroll says:

    Well Robert I doubt gays are much different from anyone else except for their sexuality and while I am not an expert on the subject it is my understanding that homosexuality is probably something determined geneticaly by Mother Nature, not something they have a choice about..while you on the other hand are a self chosen asshole.
    As for women pilots, I got my license when I was 21 just for fun and then got a commerical, twin and IFR rating. It does take some brains and steady nerves when you get into situtations you always get into if you fly long enough.
    As for female troopers, there is brute strenght and then there is smarts.


  10. Robert Morrow says:

    I will take an Army of heterosexual men over and army of women and homos any day. If you wanted to live, who would you bet on?
    The problem with liberalism is that it can’t, or rather, refuses to acknowledge the laws of nature. The laws of nature say a man should be sexually with a woman and that the vast majority of men are stronger than women. Duh.
    Women definitely should NOT be in infantry units, unless you want your army to lose. They also are the pits as cops and firefighters.
    A good comparison is the lesbian-loaded WNBA vs the National Basketball league. Those dykes and girls can’t even dunk a basketball and when they do, it is with a girl basketball. Compared to those hetersexual superheros in the NBA, the WNBA players look like slow, spastic cripples. That is your female infantry, destined for slaughter.
    Remember that courthouse in Atlanta where that guy who looked like an NFL linebacker took that courthouse guard’s gun like it was candy from a 5 year old? Then he went on his killing spree. That is what you get with women in these jobs.
    Women as pilots?: fine with me. The right women can definitely do those jobs; they aren’t many, but they can do that. It requires much less physical strength to fly and aircraft. Again, duh.
    Homos in the military? I might agree to that one. They have always been there by the tens of thousands. I am completely sick of and disgusted with the homo agenda (“gay” marriage -whatever that is). However, there are dykes and homo men all over the place in the military. The military absolutely could not function without the homos. It is still dysfunctional behavior, but so is smoking a cigarette.
    So I am pretty much for allowing homos in the military – not that they deserve any extra respect, privileges or admiration for their sexual behavior. The bottom line is you win (live)with a male army and you lose with a female army.


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