Note to Eli Lake: Some Views on Bolton, Lincoln Chafee, and Stephen Laffey



Truth in advertising. I consider myself a friend of Eli Lake. He’s a hard-working journalist whose sympathies are with the neoconservatives, but he doesn’t let them get away with vapid thinking or positions that are completely beyond sensibility.

Is the U.S. Flying Fighter Aircraft and UAVs Over Iranian Airspace?



This is seriously interesting — and just demonstrates how rich the blogosphere can be. A reader of The Washington Note who is in the UAV business was watching a YouTube video of an F16 flying with the “Hunter UAV payload.” I recommend you turn your volume down when you watch the clip.

Coles District Democratic Committee “Cookbook for Democracy” Project: “Preparing for the Daily John Bolton Battle Smoothie”



I had no idea that one of the proliferating political fundraiser ideas out there was getting a bunch of progressive, liberal, democratic, and occasionally dissident Republican voices to offer recipes for cookbooks.

Lincoln Chafee’s “Bolton Letter” to Secretary of State Rice



The following is Senator Lincoln Chafee’s letter to Condoleezza Rice, implying in the first paragraph that if a vote had been held on September 7th, Bolton would have received a “no” vote from the Senator. The pdf of the letter is here.