Bush Pulls Plug on Cheney’s “Cloak & Dagger” Dungeons



(State Department Legal Adviser John Bellinger III outflanks Cheney Chief of Staff David Addington) George Bush has just taken a first step, a big step in my view, in bringing America a notch back towards democracy by bringing all of America’s “off the books” prisoners into the daylight and towards a more transparent legal process….

A Big Reason to Oppose Steve Laffey in Rhode Island Race



What kind of Republicans do Rhode Islanders want? Pugnacious, anti-internationalists who despise global institutions of all sorts? That sounds like Lincoln Chafee’s primary challenger in the Rhode Island Republican primary — Steve Laffey.

Lincoln Chafee: Taking a Principled Stand on Bolton



Senator Lincoln Chafee impressed just about everyone during the recent testimony of John Bolton before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He pushed Bolton for hard answers to important questions, and did not yield when Bolton tried to duck and swerve Chafee’s queries.

Bush Alert: Bush Speech Today on Detainee Issue



I learned last night that President Bush will be speaking today, and the White House may ask networks to break into programming to run his remarks live. Word is that he will be addressing the Supreme Court decision on Hamdi and military commissions.

Khatami Visit: Beyond Black and White



As the Pulitzer Prize winning historian John Dower tells the story so well about Japan and the United States, states that move towards war often demonize each other’s leaders and whole societies in order to stir and consolidate public opinion and steel their citizens for big sacrifices ahead.

Flynt Leverett, Michael Tomasky and Clemons on Middle East (and Imperial Babies)



The New America Foundation American Strategy Program will host a meeting tomorrow with the guy the White House should have advising George W. Bush on a new track to take to salvage America’s position in the Middle East.