Princeton Project on National Security



(Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School Dean Anne-Marie Slaughter) More than 400 academics, policy practitioners and journalists over two and a half years have contributed to a large-scale project, the Princeton Project on National Security. The project was co-chaired by former Secretary of State George Shultz and former National Security Advisor Anthony Lake.

Bill Clinton Spanks Fox News Hard for Political Bias and Trying to Mug Him



(photo from Crooks and Liars) After the Clinton Global Initiative had ended and in the hours that followed, I was doing some writing and organizing of notes in the CGI press room where Fox News’ Chris Wallace was also hanging around — looking pensive, waiting for what I didn’t know then was an attempted mugging…

The Latest on John Bolton Battle: Bolton Could be Appointed Deputy and then Made “Acting Ambassador” with Pay Cut



(Lincoln Chafee with former President George H.W. Bush and his late father, Senator John Chafee) So far, there has been no sign that the Bush administration’s considerable efforts to get Ambassador John Bolton confirmed are yielding any success in changing the environment currently blocking him.