John McCain on John Bolton: Brownie Points for Cheerleading


AP reports today that John McCain is calling for “quick confirmation” of John Bolton.
Senator McCain seems to be doing something that I regretfully admit that I have done on some occasions. With a tail between my legs, I will admit that I too have invited people to dinner knowing they couldn’t make it — but happy to get credits in place for doing so.
It’s not smart to do this often, but Senator McCain knows that even if the White House pulled off a miracle Tuesday afternoon and coughed John Bolton’s confirmation out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, there’s no “quick confirmation” likely.
Senator McCain’s support for Bolton has been steadfast, though not deep in the view of this blogger. I like the Senator, and in encounters I have had with him over the last year, he seems to respect my opposition to Bolton.
McCain seems to have just provided some off-the-cuff commentary that having Bolton at the UN to confront the nastiness of some world leaders who fly to the UN General Assembly would be a good thing.
McCain knows that a quick confirmation for Bolton is unlikely — but calling for it gets him some credits. I understand how this works. (sorry to my friends out there who have declined invites)
— Steve Clemons


15 comments on “John McCain on John Bolton: Brownie Points for Cheerleading

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  2. liberalhomo says:

    I’ve always wondered how anyone could respect John “Keating Five” McCain.


  3. benjoya says:

    after meeting with the CFR, Ahmafinejad said “you told me you were an independent group, but every question you asked me was from the point of view of the government.” other than the source, i saw no reason to question this statement.


  4. tim says:

    whether or not steve loves that bush hugger, he’ll will never get my vote.


  5. Campbell says:

    The most responsible man in the world right now is an Iranian engineer named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. That makes him the most powerful man in the world. He is the role model, the man we need to emulate. Not only is he the president of Iran, but he has been accused for years of being one of the revolutionaries who took the 52 American embassy personnel hostage and held them for 444 days. That makes him a man of action, not just a great theoretician, as he proved in his appearance at the United Nations. But what has just placed Mr. Ahmadinejad in the Hall of Fame was his courageous descent into the belly of the beast. He was, for some demented reason, invited to address the Council on Foreign Relations after his tour d’force at the United Nations. He didn’t do this at their actual headquarters at 58 E. 68th Street, but at the Intercontinental Hotel on 48th Street. They probably didn’t want him to see their actual headquarters. Might give him ideas.
    This, to me, was the most profound moment in modern history. The one important man in the world who understands exactly what the Council on Foreign Relations is and how it has destroyed our world was invited to speak and defend his past statements – to them.
    He defended nothing but rather went on the attack. He continued to belittle the Jewish fairy tale of the Six Million and asked again why the Palestinians should pay the price for something that has never been established? He asked them if the Council on Foreign Relations had one voice of support for the Palestinians? Silence was their answer. The man knew that Israel is the CFR’s little monster. He was playing with them.
    Brent Scowcroft, GHW Bush’s consiglieri, was left shaking his head. “He’s a master of counterpunch, deception and circumlocution.” Translation: We couldn’t handle him.


  6. Anwar al-Insurgent says:

    This is the price for McCain’s “compromise” with the White House. Politics, the art of climbing in bed with the leperous hooker and still keeping one’s self clean enough to go home to the wife and kids. Sad Sen. Sell-out, sad!


  7. Frank says:

    Steve, did you see McCain on the Schieffer show yesterday??The answer that McCain gave regarding Fallwell’s remark about Hillary Clinton, was so sickeningly forgiving of Fallwell’s “devilish” comments, that reinforcement of McCain’s ” ambition trumps honor” behaviour, was revealed once again.
    His “nothing” stance on Bush’s signing statement on the first “torture” bill he so zealously championed, was a low point for him. His future stance on the second torture bill’s signing statement by Bush, will be the final revelatory straw. Bush’s signing statement or no, on this second proposed definition of torture embedded bill, his name along with Warner and Graham, will forever be enshrined as contributing architects of the depth of dishonor our country has sunk to regarding adherence to the Geneva accords.


  8. benjoya says:

    habeas schmabeas. where are the h’ors d’ouvres?


  9. David says:

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    “Honor bound” to fight for freedom is Gitmo’s noble creed
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  10. Marcia says:

    Just like Bob Dylan’s song, McCain wants it so bad. He wants to be president, so he will compromise, compromise until hell freezes over.
    That quaint idea from times gone by.
    This is not the “Do Nothing” congress, it is the SHAMELESS congress of a now shameless country.
    I had an ancestor who crossed the Delaware with Washington, who wintered at Valley Forge and now we face another winter–the long winter of decandence


  11. ET says:

    For the record, whoever is coming to dinner, this week, McCain signed off on some of the most evil principles ever supported openly by the United States government since slavery.


  12. Steve Clemons says:

    Thanks for the notes above folks. I promise you that I will write a major piece about John McCain soon that highlights what I like and dislike. I think he has flaws. We all do. But he’s impressive to me on many fronts.
    More later — I can’t do this now, but I promise you that I will write the kind of piece that you are asking for. I will also tell you where the lines are delineating the limits of my support.
    All the best,
    Steve Clemons
    The Washington Note


  13. Realist says:

    Can you give us a line in the sand: name a view McCain had four years ago which you agree with, and if he repudiates it you will admit he’s a louse.
    And I bet you that he repudiates it before the GOP convention (if he hasn’t already).


  14. Carroll says:

    Barf. McCain is slezzy x’s 10. He is master of taking a high ground position for show and then working to kill it. He calls it “compromise”. I call it a worn out trick.
    It’s always about “them”..what they can “say” to most benefit their own election, position, career or party. Them, them, them.
    They all need to be put in Gitmo where every time they stick out their forked tongues they get a cattle prod shock.


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