John McCain on John Bolton: Brownie Points for Cheerleading


AP reports today that John McCain is calling for “quick confirmation” of John Bolton.
Senator McCain seems to be doing something that I regretfully admit that I have done on some occasions. With a tail between my legs, I will admit that I too have invited people to dinner knowing they couldn’t make it — but happy to get credits in place for doing so.
It’s not smart to do this often, but Senator McCain knows that even if the White House pulled off a miracle Tuesday afternoon and coughed John Bolton’s confirmation out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, there’s no “quick confirmation” likely.
Senator McCain’s support for Bolton has been steadfast, though not deep in the view of this blogger. I like the Senator, and in encounters I have had with him over the last year, he seems to respect my opposition to Bolton.
McCain seems to have just provided some off-the-cuff commentary that having Bolton at the UN to confront the nastiness of some world leaders who fly to the UN General Assembly would be a good thing.
McCain knows that a quick confirmation for Bolton is unlikely — but calling for it gets him some credits. I understand how this works. (sorry to my friends out there who have declined invites)
— Steve Clemons


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