Pragmatic Thinking on Israel-Palestine Mess



Despite the worsening morass in Israel-Palestine circumstances in which kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit still has not been recovered and Israel is wading deeper into its former role occupying and controlling Gaza, there are still some who see a possibility of restoring progress in place of constant deterioration.

Max Boot: I Was Wrong About Easy Victory



Until recently, former Wall Street Journal editorial page editor, now senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and neoconservative fellow traveler was predicting easy victory in Iraq. He’s now writing “In Our Enemies Aren’t Drinking Lattes” that the Pentagon’s concern with logistics is overwhelming its ability to fight and win: ‘Amateurs talk strategy.

When Is Too Much Too Much? Israel Fires On Palestinian Prime Minister’s Office



Israel knows that Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya is in the more compromising wing of Hamas. Khaled Meshal, now in Syria and the figure who allegedly authorized the recent incursion inside Israel that led to the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier, seems to be more of an ideological hard-liner.

The Passing of Japan’s Shadow Shoguns: Ryutaro Hashimoto is Dead



Ryutaro Hashimoto, aged 68, was one of Japan’s political titans who grew up under the tutelage of Japan’s master kingpin politician, Kakuei Tanaka. I knew Hashimoto and met him first in January 1985 at a time when other of the key lieutenants of the Tanaka faction were running Japan.

American Troops: Just Another Miilitia Among Many



Not too long ago, i reported some aspects of a terrorism conference I attended as the guest of the NYU Center on Law & Security. One of the points that my friend and colleague Nir Rosen made was that the U.S. military had just become one militia among many in the eyes of many Iraqis….

The Rice-Lavrov Tete-a-Tete



I’ve had quite a number of emails about the “steely exchange” between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Condi Rice. Since the words exchanged were tense, some have wrongly jumped to the conclusion that this was another “undiplomatic” moment to file away with the Bush administration’s foreign policy files.