Small Things on a July 4th Weekend


Finally got news that my suitcase that did not arrive with me in New York from Dubai has been found sitting in the Oman Airways section of the Dubai Airport.
I just have to comment that Emirates is a fantastic airline, and their staff went way out of the way to help me when the chain of investigation should have started with American Airlines. On the other hand, I had few worse experiences flying that with American Airlines — just trying to get from New York to DC and to have them help me in a lost bag search. AA was unbelievably brittle and rude at every stage of my trying to locate my luggage through them. Anyway, enough bitching. I needed that bag — and its on its way.
But on the better front, I HIGHLY recommend that folks living in or near Washington, D.C., or visiting in the near future, go see the just re-opened National Portrait Gallery. It was a great place before renovations began two years ago — and it’s three times as good now. I think it just became my new favorite spot to take visiting TWN readers and family.
While there checking out the serious portraits, be sure to see the new Smithsonian American Art Center, housed in the same place. There is a great William Wegman exhibit featuring a lot of Oakley the Amazing Weimaraner‘s cousins.
I will get to more somber and serious matters later. Happy 4th in advance.
— Steve Clemons


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