The Bush Administration’s and RNC’s Nonsensical PR Games: Lebanon and Iraq



NEW YORK–I’ve just seen two reports about absolutely looney Bush administration steps in Iraq and Lebanon that have more to do with public relations management than they do, in either case, with “on the ground realities.

<em>TWN</em> Schedule: George Soros and the “Age of Fallibility” in New York



Today, TWN is heading to New York after a successful planning retreat in Pittsburgh. Planning to hear George Soros this evening speak about his new book, The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror at a meeting hosted by Eric Alterman and The Century Foundation.

Daniel Levy: 10 Comments on the Current Crisis in the Middle East



(This is a guest post by Daniel Levy, policy director of the Geneva Initiative; Tel Aviv, Israel and as of Thursday this week the new Fellow and Director of the Middle East Initiative at the New America Foundation and Century Foundation) 10 Comments on the Current Crisis in the Middle East by Daniel Levy Comments…

States vs. Transnational Networks and Movements



Kenichi Ohmae, one of Japan’s better known elder futurists, once wrote a best-seller, Borderless World — which thought through what eventually became known as globalization and the integration that has come to some corners of the world with the information age.

Loyalty Oaths Redux: Wesley Clark Pokes Lieberman on Independent Senate Run



General Wesley Clark, who I have no doubt would be managing matters in the Middle East with far greater skill and attention than our incumbent President, made a blunt nudge at Senator Joe Lieberman on Friday. Clark was blogging about the 2006 Elections on DailyKos.

George Will Excoriates <em>The Weekly Standard</em> in Rebuke of Bill Kristol, Condi Rice, and the Bush Administration’s Middle East Catastrophe



George Will has sent to his client list a most amazing article — appearing in tomorrow’s Washington Post — that is a full-throttle attack on The Weekly Standard. Will blasts The Weekly Standard five times in his short, 770-word piece.