Individual Freedom, Liberty, Due Process, Equal Protection Under the Law, Freedom of Speech: Are These American Values Even Under Stress?



This USA Today editorial makes a point that I have been trying to emphasize in Washington circles: freedom, liberty and equal protection are only real if they are observed during times of high social stress. During World War II, American society interned innocent Japanese-Americans because of the fear that this U.S.

Bush Expresses Regret to Italians Over Collateral Damage: Nicola Calipari Dead, Giuliana Sgrena Wounded



Some Italians tonight are asking if America is their friend, who needs enemies? What are these soldiers at check-points thinking? Shoot first and ask questions later? If Iraq is indeed tilting the way of democracy, then these kind of incidents are certainly going to disrupt progress.

New Nightmare: Neocon Chieftain Paul Wolfowitz to Head World Bank?



A while back, Washington Post columnist Sebastian Mallaby wrote a good piece on the qualities he thought the next World Bank president ought to have — and he disqualified a number of candidates who were in the news then. Here is my link to that discussion.

Note to Bob Kaplan: Mission Creep to Just Doing it All?



Robert D. Kaplan, a former colleague of mine at the New America Foundation and a correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly, has an interesting and provocative piece in the New York Times this morning that basically argues that tough, fire-breathing Marines can be cuddly and do great humanitarian relief work as well.

Note to <em>TWN</em> Readers



I am still here and getting some posts ready on Bush’s foreign policy, particularly the important trends in some key Middle East states. I have been offline for several days because of travel and because of a really nasty chest cold that has kept me down despite being in Hawaii on a work trip.