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My friend, John Aravosis who publishes AmericaBlog, is guest-hosting the Michelangelo Signorile Show and has asked me to share what’s going on with the John Bolton/United Nations controversy, the recent bankruptcy legislation, and other fun stuff. If you are a subscriber, feel free to tune in.

Note to John Bolton: Will You Publicly Disassociate Yourself from ‘Move America Forward’?



I have learned from a friend of mine who is an excellent journalist who is generally sympathetic to and hangs with the neocon wing in the country that John Bolton himself reads my blog. Just to be fair in case any one knows who I’m talking about, this journalist strongly disagrees with me on Bolton….

<em>TWN</em> Scoop: ‘Move America Forward’ Allegedly Steals John Bolton Video



The Washington Note has just learned that the anti-United Nations, non-profit organization called ‘Move America Forward‘ not only rejects international institutions and international law — but has a pretty high disregard for U.S. laws as well.

Check Out Surge in <em>Move America Forward</em> Numbers



I am sitting here trying to get a few friends to oppose Bolton on the Move America Forward website — and have posted my objectives on a couple of websites. Well, the other side is on to us. I see their numbers literally surging after not moving for more than two days.