John Bolton: “I Understand What the Chain of Command Is. . .”



Mark Goldberg posted this today: Hopefully, Feingold won’t wait until the confirmation hearing to make up his mind, for Bolton is likely to undergo another “confirmation conversion” (as John Kerry labeled Bolton’s 2001 testimony), whereby Bolton repudiates incendiary comments which he previously hurled at various American presidents, U.S. policies, foreign leaders, and international institutions.

John Bolton and the Corruption of Think Tanks; David Brooks on Conservative Sleaze



I have found some more on John Bolton’s think tank management controversy. Think tanks are usually organized as 501c3 organizations — organized for the public good but increasingly they are becoming money laundering operations for lobbyists or corporate consulting shops. It seems that John Bolton helped the National Policy Forum move well down this path….

Greetings From Some John Bolton Fans



Max Blumenthal took this picture in the Gila National Forest, near Silver City, New Mexico. Thanks to Max for letting me post this. Silver City is a cool town. Jeff Bingaman was born and raised there. And the Republican Senator and former astronaut Harrison Schmitt whom Bingman beat is also a Silver City native.

Obama “Much Concerned” About Bolton — Joins <em>Leadership League</em>



This just from Senator Barack Obama‘s office on subject of Wolfowitz and Bolton nominations: While there are some concerns about Wolfowitz, I am much more concerned about Bolton and the UN, which is a direct statement on how we’re going to interact with the international community.