’08 Or Bust: Now Live


Citizens for Global Solutions just launched an interactive web tool that TWN readers should find interesting. ’08 Or Bust is a guide to foreign policy in the 2008 presidential elections. It allows users to compare candidates’ direct quotes on some of the most important foreign policy issues with which the next president will have to grapple. Users can contribute quotes, both in text and embedded video format, to the site. Help filling in the blanks is much appreciated.
The coolest feature of the site is the Global Solutions candidate questionnaire. We have aggressively sought out in-depth responses from all candidates to our questions on important global issues. So far, four candidates, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson and Barack Obama, have stated their views for the record. These questionnaires expose some interesting divisions and are well worth a read.
We have spent the past few months trying to get responses from other candidates also. Some campaigns have blown us off, some campaigns are under-resourced and can’t commit the time to doing it, and Mitt Romney’s campaign refuses to answer because their candidate is “constantly developing new policies.”
If a candidate you support (or can’t stand) hasn’t filled out a questionnaire and you would like to publicize his or her views, you can help us get a response.
Over the next month or so, I’ll delve in to some of the more interesting divisions between the candidates who have responded to the questionnaire, issue by issue. For now, enjoy the site.
— Scott Paul


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