What America Stands For



I have written previously about the important lesson my briliant, humanistic Japanese politics professor Hans Baerwald taught me: one just can’t really know the norms of a political system, or any system, unless observing that system under stress. Today, Senator Christopher Dodd had an enlightening op-ed in the Los Angeles Times reminding us of how America acted during the Nuremberg trials — when America arguably was still under significant stress from the wars it had to fight on opposite sides…

Monday Morning Radio



Monday morning, 10:05 am, I’ll be chatting for about half an hour on New York public radio’s “Brian Lehrer Show.” Much to discuss. Gas prices may be plummeting just in time for the elections. I paid $1.91 a gallon on the way back from Williamsburg and Yorktown today — but the Mark Foley affair is grabbing the headlines and may topple the Speaker. More later. — Steve Clemons