Wolfowitz’s Words on World Bank Integrity


From World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz’s message to Bank clients and staff in its annual “Integrity Report“:

We must also ensure that Bank staff continue to maintain high standards of conduct. . .recent corporate scandals around the world have shown that the actions of even a very small number of individuals can tarnish the reputation of an entire organization.

And from the Executive Summary:

. . .the Bank has a fiduciary responsibility to investigate allegations of staff using Bank resources improperly or using their positions for personal financial gain.
Encourage the highest standards of personal honesty, integrity and ethical behavior within the Bank. . .

It would be useful for the investigating Subcommittee of the World Bank board to revisit these “integrity” documents.
— Steve Clemons


12 comments on “Wolfowitz’s Words on World Bank Integrity

  1. Gene says:

    While you are at it, sell him Al Gonzo (should have been El Gonzo by now).


  2. Punchy says:

    “so his resignation should be imminent”
    Wow. You’re new to this whole Bush Admin thing, aren’t you? If you think severe and wild unpopulararity is a problem for the Bush Team, I’ve got a John Bolton to sell ya.


  3. Ajaz Haque says:

    No doubt the average Americans pay for the war with their taxes and with their lives while the neo-cons fill their pockets through Haliburton etc. I don’t see Bush, Cheney or Wolfowitz’s kids fighting in the war.
    When will the American public realize that they are being taken for a rise and people like Wolfowitz are forcing Israeli agenda on them?
    Even the Israelis have changed their tune after that futile Lebanon war, when will the neo-cons?


  4. Gadfly says:

    “Media reports suggest that Mr. Wolfowitz carries US & Israeli passports, only history will judge as to whose interests he was serving in pushing this war?” – Ajaz Haque’s post (see above)
    If there is one thing that we can be certain of vis-a-vis the neo-con Bushies:– Israel comes first, second and third before the United States of America.
    These traitorous neo-con arm-chair chicken-hawks under-written by the corrupt AIPAC, AEI, et. al. have committed espionage- mis-led us into war- and, continue to cover-up Israeli war crime and/or war crimes & crimes against humanity committed on Israel’s behalf.
    Meanwhile, who pays the price?
    * Not the neo-cons– none of them serve or have ever served our nation in war.
    * Not any Bush crime family members– none of them are serving. Apparently the Bushies aren’t “inspired” by the Mad King George’s call to service.
    * Not the corporations making massive profits. Halliburton, Bechtel, Carlyle Group, Big Oil, the Military Industrial Complex (arms manufacturers, defense industry, mercenary security firms, etc.) are raking in $$$$$$$$– whilst being awarded massive tax cuts by Bush– the only war-time president to lower, not raise taxes on the wealthiest amongst us. For the hyper-rich & wealthy– this has been the Belle Epoque.
    The average and poor American people are forced to pay the neo-con Bush/Cheney junta’s massive “credit-card” bills and are also feeding their children into the Iraqi meat-grinder… It’s nauseating!


  5. Ajaz Haque says:

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007
    Good-Bye Mr. Wolfowitz
    Now that Members of European Parliament (MEPs) have vote 332-251 asking Mr. Wolfowitz to resign, it will be hard for him to stay at his job, so his resignation should be imminent.
    In my view giving his girl friend a huge pay raise is favortism and not a crime. But what Mr. Wolfowitz will not be able to get away from is that he is the main architect of Iraq war, he tried to push it on President Bush Sr. but without success. Eight years later a new and inexperienced President Bush became the new tenant in the White House and this time Mr. Wofowitz was able to not only push the Iraq war on him but also leave it in his lap while he himself pursued greener pastures elsewhere.
    Media reports suggest that Mr. Wolfowitz carries US & Israeli passports, only history will judge as to whose interests he was serving in pushing this war? One thing is certain that his disastrous policy is responsible for the killing of 3,000 US soldiers and injuring and maiming another 25,000, death of over 100,000 innocent Iraqis and the complete destruction of Iraq.
    It remains to be scene if (along with others), history will judge him as a war criminal!


  6. Gadfly says:

    Wolfowitz has more “problems” [sic] (i.e. scandals) with his lack of integrity at the World Bank than Riza-gate.
    “Wolfowitz Deputy Doctored World Bank Climate Change Reports
    Juan José Daboub, a strong advocate of the Iraq war, was rewarded with a managing director post when Paul Wolfowitz took over the World Bank. In that role, Daboub appears to have been Wolfowitz’s designate to drive the conservative agenda.
    Daboub has started to come under heavy criticism from the Bank’s executive directors for pushing a hard-right agenda that stands in stark contrast to many of the Bank’s long-standing policies. In addition to his efforts to undermine family planning policies, Bank scientists are now disclosing that Daboub also tried to eliminate references to climate change in official reports: …”…
    Continued on http://thinkprogress.org/2007/04/25/daboub-climate-change/

    World Bank directors will be obliged to investigate myriad dishonest, unethical & outright criminal activities by Wolfowitz’s neo-con cronies.
    Donor nations & contributors should indeed withhold all funds from the World Bank until Wolfowitz resigns or he fired — for he not only lacks integrity, he lacks basic human decency.


  7. Eli Rabett says:

    Wolfowitz was playing house with Shaha Ali Riza while he was Asst. Sec. Def. He almost certainly brought home secret documents (and computer stuff a la John Deutsch) which were available to her
    That is a major security violation which must be investigated (Henry, Henry Waxman, are you reading??)


  8. NotaBene says:

    Mr. Clemons, I don’t know why, with an abundance of sordid stories to obsess over these days, I’ve gravitated to this one, but I have. I just wanted to say thanks to you and your readers for the outstanding acts of investigative journalism you’ve been performing here at The Washington Note. Any update on the where-exactly-is-The-Foundation-for-the-Future-
    that’s-worth-$193,590.00-tax-free-dollars-each-year question?


  9. Carl Bergquist says:

    I know you’ve already made up your mind on Wolfowitz – likely, heavily influenced by his role in the Iraq build-up and invasion. If I may, allow me to suggest that you please take a little time out to read these contrarian viewpoints, ranked below in order of importance.
    We are not that far apart, but if you look into this particular issue – and remove it from Iraq – perhaps we can agree that the jury’s not out.
    I am sure we can agree that the World Bank as an institution, the donor countries (inc. the U.S. of course) as well as the recipients are not squeaky clean and have major vested interests. Some of these, esp. in Europe and the developing world, had a beef with Wolfie from the beginning or got nervous when he advocated anti-corruption measures. Smart folks like you might in these cases question their motives enough to not buy their arguments hook, line and sinker.
    Furthermore, Ms. Riza, as a World Bank employee deserves some consideration from her own union (the WB staff association) but they are too busy frothing at the mouth. Does it not strike you as too simplistic to think that Ms. Riza and Wolfie both made such fundamental “hands in the cookie jar” missteps as you seem to assume? I do, but I can still somehow magically agree with your assessment of Wolfie and the war or Ms. Riza and her new job at the State Department (a pet project of various European governments, eager to spend their foreign aid euros in the usual non-transparent way.)
    But I digress….
    I was last on the Note during the Bolton saga, where I also disagreed with Steve for these kind of reasons. Just because he (and most of his readers, and I would include myself here) happen to be right most of the time, it does not follow that we are always right. Aren’t we the opposite of the “guilty by association” crowd?
    In both situations, I was concerned that pre-existing hostility eliminated the benefit of the doubt usually accorded to individuals. So much so that first you tried everything and anything to stop their nominations (inc. immaterial reasons)and then when this was circumvented/failed, inordinate scrutiny was doused on Bolton and Wolfie. If various World Bank or UN officials received this kind of heat, you might see a fissure or two in their holier than thou facades.
    In Bolton’s case, Steve made good policy arguments against Bolton while others got personal – strangely enough, only the latter are actually a reason to vote against a nominee. If that person is criminal, negligent, depraved etc etc and you have to PROVE not infer it.
    Nonetheless, they almost swayed the Senate, which never voted on him. Some folks, like the AG were confirmed with less votes that Bolton would have gotten. Think about that.
    In Wolfie’s case, I have yet to see arguments (other than his baggage, i.e. irrelevant in this case since he is already approved by the WB board) that refute the laid-out public evidence referenced in the three articles linked below. I suspect he will be cleared since the Bank will otherwise look pretty silly. Please educate me (and others) if I am wrong.
    Carl Bergquist


  10. Ajaz says:

    Mr. Wofowitz has integrity, I think not! If he did, he should have resigned by now


  11. Gadfly says:

    A person of integrity recognizes when he/she is destructive and/or damages those with whom he/she works.
    Wolfowitz has absolutely no integrity whatsoever– which means the he fits in perfectly with the corrupt neo-con Bush/Cheney junta, including traitors like: (a.) Rice who has had to be subpoenaed because she knows that she committed treason by approving the Niger uranium yellow-cake forgery/lie which Bush used to mis-lead the American people into his disastrous blood-bath in Iraq- (b.) Rove who illegally manipulated the RNC & White House government web-sites to cover-up his sordid & squalid role in Fredo-gate (U.S. Attorney purge to install treasonous Bushies willing to politicize the U.S. Justice system)- (c.) Gonzales who is nothing more than the consigliere to Bush, and who cares nothing & knows nothing about the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights.
    Wolfowitz isn’t fit to serve in any capacity that involves the public trust or in any position which relies upon probity & integrity.
    That Wolfowitz has hired a strong-arm hatchet-man to threaten the World Bank, in the event that they ask him to resign, says everything about who he is:– an opportunistic jackal devoid of ethics. Again, like the neo-con Bushies.


  12. JohnH says:

    Blah. Blah. Blah. Anyone remotely familiar with this administration and its cronies should know by now that honesty and integrity apply only to other people. In other words, people are supposed to do what they say, not what they do.


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