<em>TWN</em> Media Alert: Open Source with Christopher Lydon


For those at their internet terminals now, Daniel Levy — who has been a whirling dervish in Washington changing the currents of opinion and possibility on Israel-Palestine negotiations — and I will be on Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon (Boston National Public Radio) from 7 pm until 8 pm EST.
The show is also archived. More later.
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “<em>TWN</em> Media Alert: Open Source with Christopher Lydon

  1. Ts Seduction says:

    Good that you anounced it. It was worth hearing it


  2. ucfjoustudent says:

    Loved all of the guests, but seriously, can someone tell Lydon to let people answer his questions. He has this incredibly annoying ability to interrupt his guests just when they’re either wrapping up a point or delving deeper into the answer to his query. I noticed this tic when you were on last time talking about the Walt/Mearsheimer paper Drezner and Levy.


  3. CheckingIn says:

    Will have to listen to the recording again, but did notice the v. unusual unprofessional coughing in the recording room, as well as the odd silence when Mr Lydon asked both yourself and Levy about THE Lobby.


  4. David in NY says:

    My wife (who never heard of you or Levy) came in from the car saying she had just been listening to Chris Lydon’s show, and some guy named Levy was really great. Sorry, she didn’t notice you, Steve, except she figured you must have agreed with him.


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