Trouble for John Edwards? Perhaps It’s Time to Read Hamilton


john edwards 100.jpg
This is either true — or it’s a lie. If part of a dirty tricks operation, it’s odd that John Edwards would be the target.
I like and respect Huffington Post‘s Sam Stein who wrote the first thoughtful inquiry into what might be going on. Others have rushed to judgment, perhaps wrongly.
But given the tailwind this is getting in the blogosphere — even among the left end — Edwards will either have to zap hard those promulgating this extramarital drama and disavow her (as well as explain the $114,461 that went for some pretty lousy campaign videos), or he’ll have to do his best at pulling an Alexander Hamilton, something Bill Clinton should have done regarding Monica Lewinsky.
More on Hamilton’s confessions about adultery and denial of corruption here.
— Steve Clemons