Tom Turnipseed’s Really Great Radio Show


TOM+T.jpgThis morning, I did my second ever stint on “The Seed Show,” a progressive radio program that runs between 8 and 9 am EST and anchored by South Carolina lawyer and political activist Tom Turnipseed.
Apparently, the show is not archived for later listening — at least I can’t find the archive, but the program is excellent.
This morning, I spoke with Turnipseed and his co-host Arnold Karr on the program about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, about Obama’s flip-flop on releasing detainee abuse photos, and about health care.
Turnipseed’s radio character deploys an intense Southern twang and a folksy, aw shucks approach in laying out political issues for his audience — and it’s just a great show that I wanted to bring to your attention.
And a small nudge to these folks I like so much in the Turnipseed media empire, it would be great to get the digital archives of your excellent program posted on your website. I’m sure that there is a student nearby who would like extra credit at school for showing how to get all this set up. Would be a great public service.
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “Tom Turnipseed’s Really Great Radio Show

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  2. DonS says:

    . . .” Obama’s decision to try to block the release of the photos. ”
    He said he heard from the commanders in the field, particularly this scary special ops-bot McChrystal. And we all know that the opinion of the military brass trumps the constitution. So, voila.
    Of course you can’t rule out pure and simple political expediency, since the government’s supression seems likely to lose in court, and then Obama can get say “I tried”, but the material is out there anyway.
    Emptywheel has some interesting thoughts, first about Obama’s move discounting newly issued FOIA guidelines, and a suggestion to publicize the outcomes of the supposed abuse investigations from ’04:
    And naturally Jonathan Turley cogently points out the chapter and verse on how Obama’s flip flop flies in the face of the very essence of the court ruling for disclosure. I guess being Pres means you can ignore court rulings. Oh wait, that was a Bush unitary executive posture.


  3. Arnold Karr says:

    Thanks, Steve, for the kind words and helpful suggestions. Fortunately, we do have the programs in digital form and are working on making them more accessible to listeners everywhere. For the time being, they are linked to The Seed Show group on Facebook. They are in mp3 format and appear in mostly chronological order. The file name is the date and the featured guest’s name (yyyymmddjohnsmith.mp3).


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

    I would have been interested to hear what you have to say about this posturing fraud Obama’s decision to try to block the release of the photos. Obama’s statement that these photos are “unsensational” would seem to argue for their release.
    But, then again, we all KNOW he’s lying, don’t we? Fantastic, we’ve replaced one scumball liar with another.


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