Tom Turnipseed’s Really Great Radio Show


TOM+T.jpgThis morning, I did my second ever stint on “The Seed Show,” a progressive radio program that runs between 8 and 9 am EST and anchored by South Carolina lawyer and political activist Tom Turnipseed.
Apparently, the show is not archived for later listening — at least I can’t find the archive, but the program is excellent.
This morning, I spoke with Turnipseed and his co-host Arnold Karr on the program about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, about Obama’s flip-flop on releasing detainee abuse photos, and about health care.
Turnipseed’s radio character deploys an intense Southern twang and a folksy, aw shucks approach in laying out political issues for his audience — and it’s just a great show that I wanted to bring to your attention.
And a small nudge to these folks I like so much in the Turnipseed media empire, it would be great to get the digital archives of your excellent program posted on your website. I’m sure that there is a student nearby who would like extra credit at school for showing how to get all this set up. Would be a great public service.
— Steve Clemons


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