Three More Nominees President Bush Ought to Consider as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Instead of John Bolton


Lamar Alexander has been a presidential candidate and had an absolutely distinguished record as a great thinker and policy hand. He speaks from his gut and his mind as a Southerner and American patriot.
Senator Alexander has served as Governor of Tennessee, as Secretary of Education, and is now Senator of Tennessee. . .and a Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Amo Houghton, the former CEO of Corning and just retired Republican member of the House of Representatives founded the Republican Main Street Partnership and was a voice for reasoned and sensible conservative thinking in the House.
He is active in global affairs and runs several charities that focus on child welfare in Africa. He is pictured above with his wife, Priscilla.
Another good candidate would be Reagan’s U.S. Trade Representative Carla Hills. She too would make a great Ambassador to the U.N., particularly during a very difficult time of transition and change for that institution.
Ask some other countries how tough a negotiator she is, and you’ll quickly see that she stands far above Bolton’s record for accomplishing diplomatically what she sets out to do.
— Steve Clemons