The View from the Mall: A Pic That Says It All


That's Obama The Washington Note.jpg
(photo credit: Brian Greer)
“That’s Obama!”
No words can say more than this picture of excitement and hope in pure form.
— Steve Clemons


7 comments on “The View from the Mall: A Pic That Says It All

  1. Kathleen G says:

    That photo does “say it all”


  2. Linda says:

    In case nobody else noticed, at the concert on Sunday, Pete Seeger shouted out all the original verses of “This Land is My Land” that are seldom heard any more.
    See this:


  3. pauline says:

    I am amazed at how my two young nieces (7 + 5)are seemingly knowledgable, “interested” and excited in learning and watching about a new president taking office.
    The O man has lit a match under the younger generation and who knows where all this will lead — maybe prayerfully better economic policy, better foreign relations, better race relations, more hope for the future as starters. . .wow, such a difference in people’s outlook as the inauguration approaches! Can it last?
    Someone sent this music around last evening. Enjoy!


  4. Susan - NC says:

    Some children in Gaza were shot in the face at close range by IDF, per reports from Egyptian doctors.
    There will be blow back. There will be blood after blood after blood.


  5. Paul Norheim says:

    As hit by a strong earthquake… entire neighborhoods
    flattened… this is how the BBC describes the worst hit areas in
    the Gaza strip after the Israeli offensive. And some people still
    believe that they were strictly targeting Hamas fighters?
    Shimon Peres borrowed the fancy metaphor: “the topography of
    peace” from the 1990`s academic jargon during the Oslo-
    process; but it was soon replaced by the fatal contrasting
    metaphor: “the infrastructure of terror”.
    “Crushing the infrastructure of terror”… No words can say more
    than this image of destruction in pure form.
    The expressed goal of several Israeli high officials,
    spokespersons and pundits, endlessly repeated on CNN, BBC
    and al Jazeera during the last years, has been exactly that: to
    destroy the infrastructure of terror. Which, translated to warfare
    means that everything and everybody within a defined area is a
    legitimate target. It may also be characterized as a total war
    within a defined area against an absolute enemy.
    By defining “the infrastructure of terror” as the target, the
    concept of “collateral damage” – which principally accompanies
    the pursue of a militarily defined target – suddenly lose its
    significance, since buildings, vehicles, roads, trees, human
    beings, animals, water, earth, air… in short absolutely
    everything can be interpreted as potential or actual parts of the
    infrastructure of terror.
    The only considerations with regards to such old fashioned
    concepts as “innocent civilians”, consist in asking how far they
    can go and still get away with it.
    Israel has for decades possessed the suitable tool for such a
    target, the nuclear bomb. Restricted by practical circumstances
    and the possible reactions from the outside world, they have
    not used it yet. Time will tell if the metaphor actually is a
    preparation for bigger things. We will know when they start to
    connect the metaphor to more distant enemies, like Iran.


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