The Other Things Martin Luther King Said


Worth watching and pondering.
Andrew Golis sent a good note this morning encouraging folks to look beyond MLK the icon.
Golis writes:

. . .the flip side of being a part of the American canon is that many of the more challenging ideas that don’t fit comfortably within the mainstream, have been conveniently forgotten. The result is that King has been Santa Clausified. Quotes, arguments, and ideas like the ones Jay Smooth brings us in the video above have been conveniently forgotten.

Santa Clausified. . .good term. And the other things MLK said deserve more air time.
On other fronts, I’m exhausted from the inaugural festivities and the demands surrounding them — but this will be the most intense day yet. I’ve just done some modest public service work this morning and hope others consider the same.
A good place to connect your personal time to good causes is this site launched by Colin Powell and the Presidential Inaugural Committee titled Renew America Together.
— Steve Clemons


5 comments on “The Other Things Martin Luther King Said

  1. Mr.Murder says:

    Colin Powell? He is soulless. NOTHING he ever does will repair the trespass of the Iraq war.
    Then again his son greased the FCC skids, so I guess conceding anything to the known ‘Lai-er’
    would be considered okay by the media narrative shapers.


  2. Mr.Murder says:

    “So when we say ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill,’ we’re really saying that life is too precious to be taken on the battlefields of the world.”
    Christmas eve 1967. Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta.
    ~excerpt of a pamphlet given by a woman who vigils the Civil Rights Museum and usually sets a stand on the border of the property, just across the street., Jaqueline Smith


  3. Angie Fran says:

    Yes – indeed – and one of King’s most central legacies often ignored in holiday remembrances is his stance against global poverty and his encouragement for all Americans to learn about and combat it.
    Download a free 2-sided inspirational flyer about Martin Luther King Jr. and what he fought for in this exact regard here:
    Think about the global poverty statistics included in the flyer – those in King’s time – and those in the present – and then get this information to others. That would certainly be an excellent way at both honoring King’s true legacy, and opening others’ eyes to the currently still dreadful state of humanity.
    **Can you take to heart the words King spoke just 4 days before he was gunned down? That’s what this flyer will ask you. Take the King Challenge – in his own words – and see.
    You can also get the flyer by emailing the author at


  4. Gary says:

    Thanks Steve…
    That was Awesome, Number 7 shakes the heart,often great truths do.
    BTW, I really enjoy you spots on Rachael M’s Show. Keep up the great work


  5. Ben, UK says:

    Things MLK definitely *didn’t* say include “I think government wiretaps without oversight are a swell idea, and I’ll continue to use them!” or “I think we should rationalise our ‘entitlements’ (nudge nudge wink wink) by cutting medicare and social security whilst not touching that live rail of US politics, massive military spending with no discernible cause or benefit!”
    But then I’m not caught up in the inauguration madness so I probably just come across as some sort of cynic who views any change in Imperial Management as not much of a change at all. All boots look the same when they’re stomping on your face.


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