The Surplus Nations Trip: TWN Itinerary


china-flag.jpgIn the last week and a half, we spent time in the Gulf region, speaking at a conference in Doha, Qatar and then a few days ago spoke about global economic issues in Berlin. So that checks off the Gulf and Germany in the roster of leading surplus accounts in the international economy.
Today, I am flying to Beijing and will follow up with a stopover in Japan.
For those who read TWN, I will be in Beijing from Monday this week through Friday, 22 May. That Friday, I will visit Wuxi until Sunday when I will depart for Shenzhen. On Tuesday, May 26, I will move to Shanghai.
On Thursday, May 28, I am off to Tokyo and will return to Washington on June 2nd.
This is nice timing given the announcement of Barack Obama’s just chosen US Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman — a choice I totally support.
More when I land.
— Steve Clemons


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