The Real Saudi Southern Dance


An exceptionally cool BBC reporter dug into the YouTube video clip I posted yesterday of Saudis seemingly dancing along to a Michael Jackson song.
This reporter said, hmmm…the sound seems odd — and found the underlying video (posted above) which I think is even more interesting. I’ve never see this kind of dance and like it.
Another example of Saudi southern dance is here.
Thanks to my BBC colleague whose name I will protect for the moment.
More soon. In London today. Head back to Washington, DC tomorrow.
— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “The Real Saudi Southern Dance

  1. MAtt Dickinson says:

    I first saw this one on a Romanian video site;
    who copied who?


  2. Don Bacon says:

    These Shi’ites in SA’s Eastern province, where the oil wells are located, are dancing because with the Shi’ite takeover in Iraq (thank you, Uncle Sam) and the vibrant election across the Gulf in Shi’ite Iran they finally see a chance for relief from their considerable grievances exacted by their repressive Wahhabi Sunni government.
    Okay, I made up the first part.


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