STREAMING LIVE AT 11 AM: UK Foreign Minister David Miliband in New Media & Diplomacy Roundtable


clemons miliband twn 2008.jpgToday between 11 am and noon EST, Steve Coll and I will be moderating a transatlantic new media roundtable discussion with UK Foreign Minister David Miliband.
Steve Coll — who just won the PEN/John Kenneth Galbraith Award for Nonfiction for his book The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century — will be doing his part from Washington with a room full of interesting writers, bloggers, and mostly new media types — though some who ought to be in new media who aren’t quite there yet — will also be joining us.
I will be weighing in from Berlin, Germany — over Skype.
I have a great deal of respect for Miliband who has done more perhaps than any other senior level international diplomat to reach out to bloggers and stakeholders in the new media political and policy scene.
A couple of years ago, I was a beneficiary of Miliband’s and the UN Foundation’s efforts to get serious policy bloggers credentialed for the UN General Assembly. Miliband is a blogging foreign minister (and perhaps future blogging prime minister) — and has connected with The Washington Note a number of times.
The fact that David Miliband takes blogging seriously himself and constantly works to connect with younger, new opinion leaders and policy hands who are working hard to evade the cartels of official journalism has set the gold standard among all foreign ministers.
There will be a number of bloggers and new media types who will be sending questions in from wherever they are around the world. I will be on Skype and commenting here and there — and then among those joining us are:

LAURA ROZEN of Foreign Policy‘s “The Cable“; DAVID CORN who ‘bureau chiefs’ for Mother Jones and also blogs; MIKE GOLDFARB who is editor The Weekly Standard‘s
The Blog; JAMES JOYNER who blogs at “Outside the Beltway” and at The Atlantic Council; GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS of ABC’s This Week; ROBERT SCHLESINGER who blogs at US News & World Report. . .
and Taylor Marsh of; JOE KLEIN of TIME‘s Swampland; MARK SCHMITT of The American Prospect and New America Foundation; HENRY FARRELL of Crooked Timber; DAYO OLOPADE of; TOBY HARNDEN who blogs at The Daily Telegraph. . .
and LANE HUDSON who blogs at Huffington Post; MJ ROSENBERG of the Israel Policy Forum and TPMCafe; BRIAN YOUNG who is directing the new media makeover of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. . .
and British Ambassador to the US NIGEL SHEINWALD who is himself blogging now will also be with us.
So too wil be the New Republic‘s MICHAEL CROWLEY — who will be in New York; Newsweek‘s MARK HOSENBALL, and AP’s DESMOND BUTLER. And more. . .

Should be a very interesting session — including discussion themes of how new media is affecting diplomacy, US and UK perspectives on the AfPak mess, whether the global democracy project is indefinitely suspended, and other issues.
Watch the live streaming here at The Washington Note at 11 a.m. DC time (or 5 p.m. if you happen, like me, to be in Berlin).
— Steve Clemons


11 comments on “STREAMING LIVE AT 11 AM: UK Foreign Minister David Miliband in New Media & Diplomacy Roundtable

  1. IJ says:

    If Doha is to proceed, it’ll surely need a lot of rethinking. Besides the unsustainable deficits in global trade, there are comments that costs of global security should somehow be recognised, and Paul Krugman reports this week that the current free market will lead to China bankrupting the whole planet.


  2. IJ says:

    Many interesting facts were aired in a short time. Especially notable was that countries with big trading surpluses are “titans” of manufacturing.
    Was it a mistake for the UK, let alone the US, to allow this state of affairs and to rely so heavily on financial services? Which leads on to the question of what realistically was the alternative for the UK and the US. Of course this is a key problem in the ongoing Doha debacle.


  3. Don Bacon says:

    from the Guardian:
    On a horizontally split screen, the face of New America innovation guru Steve Clemons, director of the foundation’s American Strategy Program, occupied the upper portion via Skype from a perch in Berlin, looking like Zeus surveying the mortals, who appeared as tiny figures on the screen’s lower half.//
    Way to go, Steve.


  4. rich says:

    OK — Gov. Jesse Ventura tells it like it is, expounding on:
    Torture and waterboarding
    Dick Cheney
    Gay marriage
    Travel to Cuba — wherein he offers his services as ambassador.
    and why he wouldn’t accept an appointment to the Supreme Court.
    Make sure to watch the whole thing. You won’t be disappointed.
    Part 1 —
    Part 2 —
    You don’t have to be a Derrida scholar to realize: Jesse Ventura is the antidote; Dick Cheney is the poison. (Not in the same package, granted, but then TWN is not exactly Plato’s Pharmacy, either.)
    Now, granted, Governor Ventura can be a bit over the top. But ask yourself one thing: How come Ventura comes across as civilized and honest, but all D.C. (& Cheney) can offer is an outsized Spectacle of contorted language and three-quarters insane rationalizations.
    Gov. Ventura can get it right in a single interview, but our faithful courtiers of power in D.C. can’t manage anything more than a continuing charade that pointedly refuses to apply the clear rule of law — running from Bybee & Yoo straight to Holder & Feinstein.
    Here’a a thought: It’s just not that hard. You’ve been bested by Jesse Ventura. Owned.
    Seriously. Watch both parts. If he can do it, why can’t you?


  5. fidelcastroruz says:
    An Existential Question for the Power Elite?
    The Bomb Iran Faction
    There is clearly a faction of the power elite that is, and has for some years been pressing, for a U.S. military attack on Iran. It is not advocating a war, at least openly, or an occupation of that vast nation; rather, it is advocating an operation similar in concept to the Israeli attack on Iraq’s French-built Osiraq nuclear reactor in 1981. In a word, it is both advocating an Israeli-like action and justifying it explicitly as one on behalf of Israel.
    That Israeli raid on the Iraqi reactor in 1981, justified at the time by Tel Aviv as an act of “preemptive self-defense,” was condemned by the entire world as an egregious violation of international law. President Ronald Reagan directed the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations to vote with other members of the Security Council to condemn the attack. It is a measure of the Israelification of U.S. foreign policy that a quarter-century later Vice President Cheney and the neconservatives who used his office as their general headquarters praised this action and raised preemption to the status of a sacred U.S. military doctrine. What was the attack on Iraq in 2003, to eliminate its (imaginary) weapons of mass destruction, but a preemptive Osiraq raid on crack?


  6. Barnes T Barnes says:

    Yeah, it’s ashame Milliband’s party has fucked up so much that the neo-fascist BNP might get it’s first ever Euro MP in the upcoming elections.
    I’m sure his father, Ralph, is turning in his grave.


  7. Anthony says:

    Is there anywhere we can watch this?


  8. Orwell's Back says:

    Mr. Clemons,
    Very impressive today all around – -and you even had George
    Stephanopoulos there.
    But the screen gave this an Orwellian touch that I have to say I
    found attractive and intriguing.


  9. Lurker says:

    this is a faschinating program. Watching now.


  10. andersoncoopah says:

    one of your favorite neocons speaks….
    the little frumeister who lauded big govt under g w bullshit now speaks against abama.
    Which of the following statements did The Little Frummer Boy make:
    “The powers that the Obama administration claimed in order to arrest the financial crisis and mitigate the recession are being used and abused in ways that are undermining the legal and financial stability of the United States. Investors: You are warned.” [2009]
    “The powers that the Bush administration claims in order to arrest terrorism are being used and abused in ways that are undermining the legal and financial stability of the United States. Freedom-lovers: You are warned.” [2002]
    Come on, let’s not always see the same hands!
    Stumped? Answer here.


  11. lurker says:

    Steve, I have been offline for a bit because of family issues, but your pace and the quality of your work continue to impress. I’m sure that Foreign Minister Miliband is extremely grateful for the networks you have helped construct around the world.


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