STREAMING LIVE TOMORROW: America’s Next Foreign Policy at the Republican National Convention


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Tomorrow morning at the St. Paul Hotel in St. Paul, Minnesota right in the middle of things at the Republican National Convention, the New America Foundation will be hosting a discussion of U.S. foreign policy with a significant focus on the Middle East.
We will be streaming the event LIVE here on The Washington Note from approximately 9:15 am – 11:30 am Central time (10:15 am – 12:30 pm EST).
Our program will look something like the following:

9:00 am to 11:00 AM (breakfast and beverages)
9:00 am Coffee and Registration. Program will start at approximately 9:15 am
James J. Jill Room, The Saint Paul Hotel
350 Market Street
St. Paul, Minnesota

This event will stream live at

President, Americans for Tax Reform
Member, Board of Directors, Nixon Center
Author, Leave Us Alone: Getting the Government’s Hands Off Our Money, Our Guns, Our Lives
commentary and discussion
International Correspondent, The Economist
President, Fahmy Hudome International
Former Foreign Policy Counselor to Senator Spencer Abraham (R-MI)
Former Associate Deputy Secretary of Energy
The Hon. Alexander “Andy” KARSNER
Former Assistant Secretary of Energy for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
U.S. Department of Energy
Director, Morley Institute for Church and Culture
Former Publisher and Editor, Crisis Magazine
Reihan SALAM
Associate Editor, The Atlantic Monthly
Regular contributor to The Weekly Standard and Slate
Fellow, New America Foundation
Author, Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win the Working Class and Save the American Dream
Senior Diplomatic Correspondent and Columnist, Al Hayat
Director, American Strategy Program, New America Foundation
Publisher, The Washington Note
Folks who want to attend, RSVP directly to me and be a guest of The Washington Note at
— Steve Clemons


22 comments on “STREAMING LIVE TOMORROW: America’s Next Foreign Policy at the Republican National Convention

  1. arthurdecco says:

    Mr. Mingus, the Real one, would be horrified at your appropriation of his name. He was an authentic artist – and a clever, inventive thinker – in all ways the absolute antithesis of your public Washington Note face.
    You don’t even have the imagination to invent your own online handle, or the courage and/or the self respect to recognize truth when it interferes with your dysfunctions, demons and delusions.
    Here’s a better-suited handle for ya, Charlie: Dis Funk Shun. Use it freely, without attribution. It suits you. Consider it my parting gift to you.
    Now please stop bothering me, you sorry-assed, thin-skinned troll. Go back to pulling the wings off flies or whatever it is Weirdos like you do when you’re not verbally defecating real hate in real time anonymously on some stranger’s blog.
    I’m done paying the least mind to you. Shoo! Phttttt! G’way!


  2. Charles Mingus says:

    “Don’t be ridiculous, you silly jackass. I don’t “champion” hatred!
    Are you mad? There was no hatred in what I wrote then or in what I
    write now. Just clear calculation based on copious and responsible
    research then and a lifetime of personal observation now.”
    Sorry, Art. You’re a hater masquerading as a thinker. A thinker
    provides evidence and proof for what he asserts. You simply send
    folks to the thoroughly discredited KBM. You’re the violent one,
    Arthur and you spread filth.


  3. arthurdecco says:

    My, my, my, Charles, you do go on…and on…and on.
    I wasn’t expecting to come back from a relaxing/demanding weekend on the water to read your malign, vitriolic mumbo-jumbo. Nosiree! I gotta say – you sure know how to put a speed bump in a man’s weekend…
    So let’s ignore the crap, Charles – let me cut to the chase – You wrote: “it was precisely the type of hatred arthurdecco champions that gave rise to Zionism and Israel.”
    Don’t be ridiculous, you silly jackass. I don’t “champion” hatred! Are you mad? There was no hatred in what I wrote then or in what I write now. Just clear calculation based on copious and responsible research then and a lifetime of personal observation now.
    Whoa, boy! Before you go off screeching about something equally as vile as your first foray into dishonest and belligerent misrepresentation on this thread, take a second to think about why you felt the need to post this crap just now.
    Were you having a bad day? Did the boss grind you down? Were you feeling out of sorts – maybe a trifle insecure about something you did? Or said, to someone you love? Because it looks to me from where I sit, that this bizarre and thankfully short cycle of posts of yours has a lot more to do with you than it does with me or my opinions.
    You want to slander me? You want to misrepresent me? You go right ahead. If that’s what you need just now – you go for it.
    Me? I’m going to bed after a weekend on the water – that mystical and dangerous place where I’m always reminded that the clean, pure power of nature ALWAYS offsets the short term, less than salutary effects of the petty follies of insignificant men like you and me.
    I offer you Peace, Mr. Mingus, if it will help quiet the violent, (if imaginary), voices in your head. I’m too blissfully exhausted to remain angry for more than a second with a dishonest fool like you tonight.
    Good night. Sweet dreams.


  4. Charles Mingus says:

    Kathleen writes: “Charles Mingus…every ethnic group on the
    planet has within it a certain number of individuals whose
    standards and ethics fall below their group’s acceptable
    norms…unfortunately, these provide just enough of a hook on
    which others who feel threatened can hang a stereotype. …an
    image which focuses only on the negatives of the individuals
    whose conduct is negatively judged….”
    Tell that to your “friend” arthurdecco, Kathleen. As you can see,
    he fervently believes in “the near-total levels of Jewish influence
    and control over our way of life here in the west.” This is not a
    small “hook”–for example, “Jews are cheap” or “Jews are good
    with money”–it is a monstrous, bigoted condemnation of an
    entire people without even a scintilla of proof provided and with
    mounds of contrary evidence to be seen all around us. It is also
    a crafty blaming of Jews for the mortal hatred that periodically
    wells up against them. He claims to hate Israel and Zionists, but
    for arthurdecco and Ted, it’s all about Jews. His only defence is
    the work of Kevin B Macdonald. It’s been thoroughly discredited
    by every reliable member of his profession. If you want to waste
    a day or so, you can read the literature; but don’t forget to visit
    all the hate sites because they are the only ones who praise him.
    I bring all this to your attention because when arthurdecco goes
    on about “dark forces” pulling society’s strings…this is what he’s
    really talking about.
    And last, in terms of the broader discussion that takes place
    here, it’s worth noting that it was precisely the type of hatred
    arthurdecco champions that gave rise to Zionism and Israel. The
    only true thing arthurdecco says here is…nothing here is new.
    As far as your points about stereotyping peoples, you’re right, of


  5. Kathleen says:

    Charles Mingus…every ethnic group on the planet has within it a certain number of individuals whose standards and ethics fall below their group’s acceptable norms…unfortunately, these provide just enough of a hook on which others who feel threatened can hang a stereotype. …an image which focuses only on the negatives of the individuals whose conduct is negatively judged….
    Whenever we feel threatened in some way, we regress to a time when we felt more secure…childhood…it’s also when most of us were acculturated and when those common stereotypes were inculcated into our world image….as adults we learn that stereotypes are not accurate, but conditioning is difficult to undo….frequently the MSM re-inforces these stereotypes…often for profit…when the MSM is bent upon demonizing a group, it’s virtually impossible to come to the group’s defense without being accused of being against the group doing the demonizing….it’s not really a rational process…. we all engage in selective inattention.. a subconscious process by which we filter out and ignore that which conflicts with what we want to believe….I’m reminded of an old joke about a mother watching her son in a parade and saying, “Everyone is out of step but my Johnny.”…I wish there was a cure for stereotypical “thinking”…. maybe then we could have world peace….I’m not holding my breath….
    I’m not a member of a group that has been persecuted but I have my regular bouts with being stereotyped because I am Sicilian…we’re all mobsters, in case you didn’t know. The Italic American Institute is not as vocal as the ADL, but it works on diminishing the reinforcing of negative stereotypes by the MSM and Hollyweird….have you ever seen an American movie when the Italian was not a mobster???
    Unless one is a member of a group that is routinely stereotyped, one can’t appreciate how destructive and tedious it is….I. in turn, have to walk myself through my anti-German bias and remind myself that not all Germans are Nazis….I know it intellectually, but my first reaction to anything German is still fear because my first introduction to anything German was the newsreeels during WW2…with effort, I am improving…all groups have good and bad and the sooner we all can see the flaws of members of our own group, the better we all will be….


  6. Charles Mingus says:

    Okay, Kathleen, I’ll bite. If you want to know what arthurdecco
    really thinks…the unplugged arthurdecco…read this:
    Here’s a quote from Rev. Ted Pike that gets him started:
    “Now more than ever, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”
    These are the terms of warfare today, as organized world Jewry,
    through ADL and also the Democratic party, is in a final
    offensive to end free speech and, with it, all opposition to its
    worldwide control. It is throwing all its weapons against
    traditional Christian civilization: filthy movies and TV, promotion
    of homosexuality and pornography, attack on the symbols,
    values, and beliefs of Christianity, encouragement of
    unrestrained immigration, and, not least, exhaustion of America
    in Mideast wars that benefit only Israel. More boldly than ever,
    Jewish activists introduce incredibly perverse and restrictive
    legislative attacks on freedom. Their goal is world control –
    Now here’s arthurdecco’s commentary on it:
    “It’s too bad that it is people like the Reverend Ted Pike who are
    chosen as the voices raised against the near-total levels of
    Jewish influence and control over our way of life here in the
    west. It lessens the impact of the truths they state. That can’t be
    coincidence. Afterall, who chooses who gets heard? Who
    chooses to publicize these extremists at the fringes of the
    Christian, or for that matter, the Muslim spectrum? When was
    the last time you read something outrageous spoken or written
    by a Jewish religious leader in our media? It never happens. But
    the Ted Pikes of the world get heard from repeatedly.

    “The fact is, stripped of its religious delusions and prejudices,
    everything Pike has brought up is the unvarnished truth. If you
    doubt me, there are scholarly works that state the facts plainly –
    works so well researched that they are immune to the usual
    knee-jerk accusations of anti-Semitism. One of them is “The
    Culture of Critique” by Kevin MacDonald,
    “A firestorm of bitter resentment is raising its ugly, ugly head
    again. I see similarities with earlier waves of anti-Jewish
    sentiment as this phenomena gains traction with more and more
    members of our society who are being left out in our headlong
    rush towards societal group suicide and financial meltdown that
    can only benefit the richest amongst us while destroying the
    very things that made our Western, Christianized, yet
    progressive society a productive, creative and moral bastion in a
    world then filled with darkness..”
    “The phrase, “going to hell in a handbasket” isn’t just rhetoric –
    it’s happening. And who is responsible? Look around you. Who’s
    in charge? Who controls the levers of political power – not at the
    top, but just below, and further down in the back room bowels
    of the parties? Who controls access to your passions? Who
    controls the financial ebbs and flows? Who controls your access
    to information through the media? Who controls the highest
    levels of formal education through control of its administration
    and private funding? Who manipulates the labour movement?
    Who is responsible for the erosion of our basic rights and
    freedoms – rights and freedoms brought down to us from it’s
    early and primitive beginnings in the English “Rule of Common
    “Look at this list of names and personalities behind the revolting
    and depraved Republican administration under the nominal
    leadership of George. W. Bush:
    (I wish I knew of a Canadian list. Anyone?)
    None of these concerns of mine are new. In the 19th century,
    these issues were being raised all over Europe as Jews
    consolidated their stranglehold on the levers of power, culture
    and finance.”
    And arthurdecco goes on, Kathleen. If you’re interested, you can
    read it all, here. BTW, a lot has been written about the pseudo
    science of Professor Macdonald, and you can read a lot of it on
    Web. He’s been given awards by all sorts of right wing groups
    here in America. He also appears to believe in the inferiority or
    “limitations” of African Americans, but I’m not sure about that. I
    would merely point out that there isn’t much here about Israel or
    Zionism–it’s Jews, Jews, and more Jews. Happy reading! And
    do keep an open mind against ideologues.


  7. Kathleen says:

    Arthur…glad you’re back…ideologues are very attached to their stereoptypes…it makes them feel secure…no thinking required…it’s what the “right” people do…


  8. arthurdecco says:

    Thanks for your insight. You can type like that for hours and I’ll read all of it. Because its interesting. And substantive too.
    I have to admit I wasn’t referring to the States that have capitulated to the American/Israeli View in my post. I was referring to the rigidly loyal, identically individualistic apologists who frequent this blog and shriek at anyone who criticizes or questions the neo-conned fascists, their ideologies, (which are legion!) OR their allegiances.
    It was to one of them I was appealing to for an explanation, no matter how shoddy or makeshift, about what motivates them to support these damaging policies and their inventors.
    I guess I wasn’t as skilled a communicator as I wanted to be with that post. (wink)


  9. Kathleen says:

    Arthur…those who reflexively comply do so out of fear, after some heavy-duty armtwisting.. The US routinely threatens countries who won’t fall in line with calling in their loans, etc…I’ve seen it with my own eyes at the UN in Geneva….


  10. arthurdecco says:

    Re: Carroll Sep 03, 11:55AM
    Why else do you think so much vitriol has been directed at all things Russian since the Georgians tried to Fallugize the capitol of South Ossetia in the middle of the night, Carroll – with the help of a thousand or so Israelis and I don’t know how many American service personnel involved?
    Russia shut their back door into Iran by refusing to lay down in front of their figurative Bulldozers. No wonder the media is in such a surly feeding frenzy with Putin and his crew.
    And as far as “If there is any group on earth stupider than the Israelis except for the US please point them out to me.” goes…
    Sorry, I can’t think of anyone stupider…except for maybe those who reflexively support them for no more reason than…(what?), exactly.
    Maybe one of the bots can fill me in as to motivation.


  11. Carroll says:

    If there is any group on earth stupider than the Israelis except for the US please point them out to me.
    Report: Israeli Bombers Planned to Use Georgian Airfields in Iran Strike
    Posted September 2, 2008
    In part of what was termed Georgia’s “special relationship” with Israel, UPI Editor at Large Arnaud de Borchgrave reported in a commentary today that a secret agreement between Georgia and Israel had earmarked two military airfields in the south of Georgia for use by Israeli fighter-bombers in a potential pre-emptive strike against Iran.


  12. Carroll says:

    Every time I resign myself to holding my nose and voting for O=B I see something else from Biden, Mr. Foreign Policy Experience, that just makes me sick. Mr. Black is White on Israel, on Russia-Georgia..I don’t know if I can do it.
    And no the ME will never be irrelevent as long as Israel is there. How much do we pay now to Israel, Egypt to make nice with them, and on the Palestine situtation? I also just saw that we gave Georgia a ‘grant to purchase weapons from Israel before their attack on S. Osesstia and now we will give Georgia a billion to rebuild their army. And if anyone thinks making the ME irrevelent will come from US being energy independent they are going to have to wait a long time, probably until we go bankrupt and are sitting around camp fires.
    arrgggg….just stop the insanity. And don’t try to baffle us with bullshit about how ‘complicated it all is.


  13. DonS says:

    Let’s set the backdrop.
    Genuflect to AIPAC. Biden in Florida reaffirming that Israel is virtually the 51st state.
    Could the panel start somewhere other than just giving justification for the litancy of ways that US foreign policy is captive to the Israel lobby? Could we move the dialogue along beyond poltical posturing and shibboleth repeating? I know, I ask a lot.


  14. pauline says:

    “The [RNC] line up tonight was particularly inspired…if you were at the Elks Club.
    One old guy who wouldn’t be up there speaking unless he was a celebrity.
    Another REALLY popular guy via videotape which had the solid production values of a typical “You Tube” from “Funny or Die”.
    And finally, a guy so popular, he cannot even appear at his own Party’s convention and decides to crash the other one.
    If nothing else, people much like John McCain came forward to remind us of the importance of regularity and annual prostate exams. Hope you got insurance for that.
    I guess my second favorite line of the evening from Fred Thompson, reminding people he is still alive, so alive you could smell the Old Spice through the television when he uttered this line:
    “She is from a small town, with small-town values, but apparently that’s not good enough for those folks who are out there attacking her and her family,” he said.
    Apparently, now for the “Party of Lincoln” small-town values equals belonging to or hanging out with those who want to secede from the United States…well, that’s a new one.
    But the best line goes to Lieberman, of course, who actually was allowed to say:
    “What you can expect from John McCain as President is precisely what he has done this week”
    Yeah, uh-huh, I do not think that is as much of an endorsement as you think it is.”
    from —


  15. pauline says:

    “It’s early yet, I know, but thus far it seems the overwhelming tone of the Republican Convention is nostalgia. Shot after shot of a room full of white people cheering shout-outs to Theodore Roosevelt, applauding commemorations of aging Medal of Honor winners, misting up at video footage of Ronald Reagan. Every image up on that giant screen painted in sepia. And the grouchy tone–here’s somnolent Fred Thompson lambasting the “Georgetown cocktail party circuit”–evokes Abe Simpson more than Abe Lincoln.
    The most telling sign of a party stuck somewhere in the past was likely unintentional. During the Reagan tribute, the familiar litany of the 40th president’s triumps concluded with a remark that Reagan had “saved our century.” Indeed. But what about this century?”
    -Michael Schaffer


  16. pauline says:

    The repubs are repugnantly vile!
    I weep over how they locked out this man out.
    Ron Paul CNN American Morning 08/28/2008
    Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 9/2/08


  17. Mr.Murder says:

    IMO a serious round of third world debt relief would do more to strengthen our security and fast track development than would any items other we try.
    From a cost effectiveness standpoint, and even more importantly from a perspective of bloodshed avoided.
    A peace dividend, as it were.
    You’ve already done background on the fact that instability and terror both form along lines that plot out along distributive curves.
    There are certain thresholds passed that encourage different levels of activity, or better degrees of engagement.
    We need to determine those curves and stay ahead of them. It is a geopolitical and socioeconmic overlay. Peak oil and climate change will also challenge the stasis or assumption that we will be dealing with fixed or normative basis points.
    So we actually need to overspend in meeting these needs, expecting the challenges to be addressed so doing. Still we’ll try to maintain a macroeconomic balance with regard to the major currency movements that are needed to sustain the transformation.
    Debt relief has inflation concerns of its own, energy crises have stagflation concerns, bringing second and third world countries up in terms of compensation and pay scale can as well.
    An aid package has to be met with private obligations, this umbrella exceeds needs to the point a shock valuation can be met, and the macroeconomic effect must be met within guidelines agreed to in terms of major fiscal and institutional policy.
    So few would agree on all these points in particular but agree with them in general, it could probably not even find a starting place. That’s why major groups like the IMF must be made part of the solution. That would be the capital needed to undertake a continental approach to interaction. That is where debt relief plays a role as catalyst.
    It would serve as its own hedge fund,spreading that much wealth about.


  18. pauline says:

    Why that sounds very close to a Ron Paul philosophy.
    The problem is the McCrankster mode of operation, if voters are fooled again, will be to “murder” more babies, murder more Iraqis, murder (maybe) more Iranians, murder the constitution and bill of rights, as well as annihilate the limited government ideals many folks are fooled into thinking that’s what repubs are all about.
    Ron Paul — yes!
    Repubs, the undaunted uncompromising support for Israel and war, war, war — no!
    Maybe U.S. repub presidents are just “irrelevant” to fostering peace and prosperity. Those goals can be accomplished by your engagement ideas, not by bushworld’s endless war-war-war.
    imo, McCrankster is a million miles away from peace and prosperity.


  19. Mr.Murder says:

    The title is a misnomer.
    We need to make EVERYONE relevant.
    Irrelevance is a facade, every item on this planet is of importance. We must strive to engage all lands to some degree in helping develop the fabric of cooperation.
    Engagement drives economic growth, encourages transparency, helps strengthen our conversations. This yields increase for the number of values we can share, to reinforce wider causes, such as security, trade, energy.


  20. barrisj says:

    Are you absolutely sure that you have “security clearance” for this event? No chance that the local/Fed Brownshirts will bust up your meeting? Ask Amy Goodman how she feels about non-RNC sanctioned meetups!


  21. pauline says:

    Call me simple-minded, but between oil companies, oil lobbyists and AIPAC, I’d say the next president stands less than one in a zillion chance to “make” the ME irrelevant.
    Sorry, this sounds like a irrelevant waste of precious time.


  22. Lurker says:

    Steve, again, thank you for working as hard as you do to help us regular folks understand these important debates better.
    It’s hard to believe the amount you get done.


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