Shanghai: The View from My Window & China’s “DC Note”


Shanghai from Window.jpg
This is my incredible view of Shanghai from a Le Royal Meridien hotel room. Just arrived. If you stay here, ask for Elisa from the Starwood team — who is an incredible bundle of smart energy for arriving weary guests.
One of the pleasant surprises I had on this trip was meeting again a young man named “Andy” who took a course from Shelton Williams at the DC operation of the Osgood Center for International Studies.
Andy, whose last name I will leave off the blog, is a graduate student in international affairs in Guanzhou.
“Andy” has been regularly translating The Washington Note into Chinese! All the stuff on Cheney, all the stuff by Lawrence Wilkerson, all the stuff going after the neocons, all the stuff by my TWN teammates on all sorts of political and foreign policy issues. . .
I had no idea that he was doing this.
So, check it out. In China, it’s called The DC Note.
Whether you speak Chinese or not, go there and click a lot. Andy deserves the support.
— Steve Clemons


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