Rick Santorum’s Job Application


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I just listened to Rick Santorum‘s commentary on MSNBC, which CNN is graciously airing along with FOX, C-Span and other networks at their increasingly crowded CNN BlogStock today.
This is in remarkable contrast to the big Republican Election party held two years ago in D.C. after Bush’s re-election in which Fox was on on dozens of screens throughout the Reagan Trade Center while CNN was on just one screen.
Senator Santorum seems headed for a loss this evening — and while I personally oppose most of Senator Santorum’s policy views, I want to give him a lot of credit for working hard on anti-poverty programs. He, along with former Senator Corzine as well as Senators Schumer and DeMint were co-sponsors of the Aspire Act (S 868/HR 1767) which my colleague Ray Boshara worked hard to hatch in this Congress.
Interestingly, Congressman and Senate Candidate Harold Ford Jr. was an enthusiastic co-sponsor in the House.
But Santorum seems to be heading in a new direction after tonight, and the only way in which I can rationally interpret his dogged commitment to George W. Bush and Bush’s infallibility is that Santorum is hoping for White House personnel to give him a ring in January 2007. . .and maybe before.
Word is that Zalmay Khalilzad will soon resign as US Ambassador to Iraq.
Such a job is challenging — and needs a true Bush believer given how crappy things are there now.
We hereby recommend Rick Santorum to be our Ambassador to Iraq, and TWN commits to strongly support his confirmation in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
— Steve Clemons


9 comments on “Rick Santorum’s Job Application

  1. PaminBB says:

    Not one hour ago I had the long anticipated pleasure of voting for Santorum’s opponent, Bob Casey. Picturing Rick in Iraq is icing on the cake. Thanks, Steve.


  2. Ben Rosengart says:

    I got the humor, Steve. It’s “you made your Bedouin, now lie in it.”
    I think your brand of aisle-crossing centrism is not popular in an election week. I won’t join the parade of criticism of you, but I’ll admit that I have my doubts as to what you’re up to with e.g. the Chafee endorsement.


  3. daCascadian says:

    Sure, send him over but no flack vest.
    “Squeezing off a few rounds of automatic weapons fire here in Baghdad is the equivalent of honking your horn in America.” – Borzou Daragahi


  4. tripletma says:

    It’s OK, Steve. I think we’re all just a bit punchy right now.


  5. Steve Clemons says:

    you folks are getting too linear on me.
    i think iraq is a mess and wouldn’t recommend that post to anyone at this point. but if santorum wants to play the bush loyalist he has been, let him take the post.
    it’s called tongue in cheek.
    relax folks.
    i guess i will give up humor.
    best, steve


  6. sa rose says:

    Steve, I’ll be sending you a block of Hot Mexican Velveeta and a can of Rotel to celebrate your prescience if this confirmation happens.
    You’ll have to supply your own chips.


  7. dahreese says:

    Recently patting Colin Powell on the back, and now Santorum? I think not. You seem to be getting off center Steve.


  8. J. W. Fulbright says:

    I can’t believe you want Santorum, an ultra-hawk (and anti-gay activist) in Khalilzad’s spot given how much damage he could do there. Do you think he is willing to promote what is truly needed in the Mideast: a regional conference, or at least a re-opening up of a (secret) dialogue with the Iranians, something that Khalilzad was in favor of and has worked to facilitate.
    Against the backdrop of your fervent opposition (and rightly so) to John Bolton’s ambassadorship at the UN I’m unable to understand your position on Santorum.


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