Rhode Island Senate Battle: Chafee May be Way Up


One has to be careful with the numbers floating around — whether they are exit polls, internal poll numbers, and the like — but an insider in the Chafee machine just conveyed to me that Senator Lincoln Chafee has been polling 6 points higher than Sheldon Whitehouse in their internal numbers.
We will know if this turns out to be true in a few hours, but if so, then there are two potential explanations.
First, the Republicans nationwide may have really surged from the depths. Alternatively, Chafee — individually — is being seen as someone distinct and different from the George W. Bush machine.
More to come.
— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “Rhode Island Senate Battle: Chafee May be Way Up

  1. john o. says:

    Perhaps you should read the Chafee posts Rick, and bear in mind that Whitehouse is a member of the Democratic party today.


  2. Rick Herrick says:

    john o.: What “triumphalism”? It reads to me like Steve’s making an observation based on something someone told him. It’s pretty clear that Steve’s pulling for a Democratic victory overall.
    Besides, Chafee might be a Democrat tomorrow. I for one would welcome him with open arms.


  3. john o. says:

    Can’t quite understand your triumphalism over whispers concerning a republican who has been part of the problem. The fight is not about personality.


  4. Punchy says:

    Sorry, Sir Clemons, exit polls (yes, not totally scientific) say otherwise.


  5. daCascadian says:

    You ARE really, really losing it Steve.
    Time to move away from Washington, D.C. for a few years & get in touch with reality.
    “…A democracy which makes or effectively prepares for modern scientific war must necessarily cease to be democratic.” – Aldous Huxley


  6. km4 says:

    Funny, I have it from an ‘insider’ that Sheldon Whitehouse is polling 8 points higher in their internal numbers.


  7. Andre says:

    Oh that’s great. Maybe if he wins he can vote to put another Sam Alito on the Supreme Court. How’s that gonna work for our fuckin democracy????? Alito doesn’t even believe in ‘one man, one vote’.


  8. beth says:

    Steve: You have not been a very good agent for change in the senate–a dangerous, disaster of a senate. Agree to disagree on this, I guess is the best I can say.


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