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Despite the ‘grain of salt’ news that Lincoln Chafee’s internals show him doing very well against Democratic challenger Sheldon Whitehouse, most Republican pundits I am talking to tonight at CNN’s blog party are pretty glum about their prospects.
One blogger here said that he thinks the reason Chafee’s numbers are strong is the power of political dynasties. He said “everyone who has known a Chafee, married a Chafee, employed a Chafee, or lobbied a Chafee is calling friends and family to vote.”
He thinks that there is a good chance that Chafee is outperforming the Republican field because of the power of his name.
Could be — will know in a couple of hours.
That said, it doesn’t change the likely outcome that the Democrats will take back the House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi will control one of the key helms of government.
Then the world changes.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Matt says:

    I think what you said in your previous post is most relevant–since early on, he’s been pretty vigilant about maintaining a reasonable political identity “distinct and different from the George W. Bush machine.”
    Rhode Island is also an extremely small place. I am relatively certain that a good percentage of voters either know him and his family members at an approachable level or at least know somebody who knows him and his family.
    There is also the question being decided today about allowing the Narragansett Indians to build a casino in the state–which seems to require an amendment of the state constitution. This might bring in more conservative opposition voters, who might likewise give Chafee an extra boost.


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