Pat Buchanan’s Obama Embrace


I’ve known Pat Buchanan for a long time, from a comfortable arm’s lenth – met him first in 1987.
His comments in this clip are an important benchmark of Obama’s ability to reach beyond lines that seemed impenetrable.
— Steve Clemons


10 comments on “Pat Buchanan’s Obama Embrace

  1. arthurdecco says:

    Tahoe Editor said: “The only thing more tiresome than name-dropping is whining about it.”
    My gawd! A thought from TE that I agree with! Who coulda known?


  2. Tahoe Editor says:

    Seriously, Gale. The only thing more tiresome than name-dropping is whining about it.


  3. Kathleen says:

    Gale…it is not self-promotion for Steve to indicate that he knows the person about whom he is writing…and nothing has ever prevented him from writing substantively… it is his blog and he writes for his own pleasure……


  4. Gale says:

    Why did you include in this post the detail that you personally know Pat Buchanan and have for some time? Why all the self-promotion on this blog? It is off-putting and too often gets in the way of substance. Please stop.


  5. Tahoe Editor says:

    I always stop fast-forwarding when I see Pat on the screen.


  6. Kathleen says:

    As Conservatives go, Pat Buchanan is my favorite…he’s always courteous, cordial, and respectful to those with whom he disagrees.. As I;ve come to see him as a g frequent guest on MSNBC, I’ve never seen him lash out at anyone or hit below the belt with a disparaging remark…I can respect that….surprisingly, I actually agree with him on some issues…he too thinks Demz should have impeached and that Hillary should have been on the ticket…so does Nader.


  7. Tahoe Editor says:

    Peggy Noonan on Gergen’s “fatuous suckuping” (Morning Joe):
    It was a bit of a flopallini to tell you the truth. Six months from now, we’re all going to remember the event. We’re going to remember the Parthenon, the 60,000 people, the confetti shot out of the cannon, the event of it — we’re going to remember all that. We will not, I think, remember what he said.
    I’m putting a little edge on my criticism just to make up for the fact that on MSNBC last night somebody said, quote, “It wasn’t a speech. It was a symphony.” I’m sorry, I won’t even name who did it, but I am here to balance that bit of FATUOUS SUCKUPING.

    Scarborough asked Peggy about Buchanan calling it a “manly speech.”
    She pondered and offered, “That was not a sissy speech.”
    I’ll 2nd that.


  8. DonS says:

    Interesting,though, that to some perhaps large segment of folks, this “legitimizes” Buchanan just the day before it is revealed that Palin, now the veep presumtive, is a former proud member of the Buchanan “brigades”. Does the legitimacy rub off?


  9. carsick says:

    I switched over from CSPAN to MSNBC that night and I thought there truly was something in their water when I saw Buchanan do that. Gergen’s response was pretty remarkable too “…it was a symphony.”
    Mickey Kaus’ strengths are in scandal and tabloid fodder. He’s not a political analyst beyond those issues.


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