Baghdad Lessons? Police Raiding Homes in St. Paul


Heavily armed police teams in groups of 20 or 30 are raiding private homes in St. Paul. According to one woman who spoke to FireDogLake’s Lindsay Beyerstein, asking to see a warrant gets one immediately “detained.”
Jane Hamsher and Glenn Greenwald dropped in on a raided St. Paul home shortly after the cops descended.
This is not the Republican Party my family — dispersed around Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas — supported. This has become an Orwellian Big Brother party.
Spying, illegal search and seizure, the indiscriminate suspension of personal rights and civil liberties — this is what the Republicans always feared that the Dems would do in building ever larger governments whose power would become unmanageable and unstoppable.
But the Republicans have built and animated the party that they once feared and used to rail against.
I’ll have to see if I get detained for the stuff I write here. I know I won’t actually — but the high fear tilt is clearly moving in an even worse direction.
— Steve Clemons


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