Pakistan’s Highest Civilian Award Conferred on Richard Holbrooke


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Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has conferred the Hilal-e-Pakistan (Crescent of Pakistan), the nation’s highest civilian award on Richard Holbrooke for his service to Pakistan and contributions to US-Pakistan relations.
Other American recipients of the Hilal-e-Pakistan are Richard Nixon, Joe Biden, and John Kerry.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “Pakistan’s Highest Civilian Award Conferred on Richard Holbrooke

  1. Martha Nakajima says:

    I didn’t know Holbrooke personally but was a working level economic officer on the State Department’s Japan desk 1979-81 when he was Asst. Secretary of the Bureau. He had imposed Alan Romberg, a China hand, as our office director and often called Alan away from his Japan brief to work on China affairs. (The US established formal diplomatic relations with China and informal relations with Taiwan under Pres. Carter.) Holbrooke was also preoccupied with Vietnamese boat people then. My impression at the time was that Japan did not interest him greatly.
    There was a tradition of an annual softball game between the East Asia Bureau and the Japanese embassy. In 1980 (or was it ’79?) after long negotiations a Saturday afternoon was finally found on which both Holbrooke and Japanese ambassador Togo were available to play. (Togo had been a high school baseball star and took a particular interest in this event. He showed up in the embassy limousine with his wife bearing a huge tray of cucumber sandwiches.)Philip Habib was the umpire. Holbrooke won the game for our side with a homerun. He took a tremendous all or nothing swing at a soft pitch served up by a gorgeous young Japanese lady in short-shorts and hit the ball high over and far beyond the hapless Japanese first secretary who was playing center field. We lower downs (I played 2nd base) learned how it must have felt in the middle ages to go victoriously into battle behind a king personally leading the charge. Well, that’s my memory of Richard Holbrooke. RIP.


  2. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “Every American puppet government around the world should give out awards to the USA and it’s dictators, I mean, diplomats…”
    Oh, they do give out rewards, uhm, I mean awards….
    Just ask these fuckin’ scumballs like Cheney, whose corporations are awarded multi-billion dollar contracts to rip-off, overcharge, and sell sub-standard work to everyone concerned.


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