Assessing Afghanistan After Holbrooke


Tomorrow President Obama will offer remarks updating Americans on progress in Afghanistan and the nation’s next steps. Richard Holbrooke, was a key member of the team as Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.
This clip above reflects some of my thoughts on President Obama’s course and what we are likely to hear tomorrow — as well as Richard Holbrooke’s role and the void he has left.
— Steve Clemons


One comment on “Assessing Afghanistan After Holbrooke

  1. rc says:

    1. Good audio — you should do more.
    2. Sitting & supping next to Kissinger! … hope you showered thoroughly afterward … he makes Tony Blaire and GWBush look like school boys.
    3. Agree with your comments on Wikileaks …. including (a) governments have a lot to answer for and this is a leveling technology; (b) it’s the way of the future; and (b) that he/they should be careful to not cross the line from being a back-end warehouse of material for others to do retail journalism. If Assange wants to comment then he should find a way to separate out his two roles.


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