Off to Dearborn


Today, I will be flying up to Dearborn, Michigan and back to meet representatives of the Arab American community and to tape a show on James Zogby’s Viewpoint on public attitudes toward Arab Americans.
Barack Obama recently launched a new part of his website dedicated to the interests of Arab Americans — which I applaud. I have learned that he will also soon be appointing a new Arab American/Muslim American outreach director to replace Mazen Asbahi who recently resigned.
John McCain too has an Arab American affinity page. And to his credit, McCain campaign manager Rick Davis sent this letter (pdf) to members of the Muslim American community. McCain’s camp didn’t specify an outreach director in the letter — but they do have an informal adviser, Majida Mourad, who works in former Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham’s office and is reportedly quite networked and capable.
— Steve Clemons


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