Obama/Biden Get Back in the Ring: Puncturing the McCain/Palin Maverick Thing


— Steve Clemons


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  1. dan says:

    I want to start to oppose obama if he’s elected starting Nov 5th. We need to minimize taxes and start to oppose him on everything he attempt to do! I say down with Obama and if it means the break up of America then it must be!!!


  2. Tahoe Editor says:

    Finally we get some sense out of Joe Biden — he is questioning his own running mate’s judgment.


  3. Linda says:

    Ah, the angst of spinning metaphors!! Try talking about naked lies and emperors with no clothes—and they’ll spin that someone is accusing her of being a stripper!!


  4. WigWag says:

    Did Barack Obama compare Sarah Palin to a pig?
    This from today’s Politico
    “Amie Parnes reports from Lebanon, VA:
    Obama poked fun of McCain and Palin’s new “change” mantra.
    “You can put lipstick on a pig,” he said as the crowd cheered. “It’s still a pig.”
    “You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It’s still gonna stink.”
    “We’ve had enough of the same old thing.”
    The crowd apparently took the “lipstick” line as a reference to Palin, who described the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull in a single word: ‘lipstick.’”
    Does anyone in the Obama Campaign have any brains at all?
    To win the women’s vote they seem to be making all the right moves. (Not!)


  5. ToddinHB says:

    MarkL – I resemble that remark. No need to get pissy if you disagree with me. I like this site because people use reason over passion (usually).
    If you want to argue my point, then argue. Otherwise, meet me on the playground after naptime…


  6. MarkL says:

    Good post, Wig. If Obama stopped campaigning today, I think he would win, because of the reasons you cite. Unfortunately, he is his own worst enemy, and is heading towards a loss, IMO.
    Stupid post, ToddinHB. You are living in fantasy land. Are you still waiting for Fitzgerald to indict Cheney, too?


  7. WigWag says:

    Ten Reasons Why Disgruntled Clinton Supporters Must Vote for Obama
    No one is more disgusted with the prospect of voting for Barack Obama than I am. The very junior senator from Illinois is inexperienced, unqualified and has done nothing in life which might inform the average voter what he will do if elected. To make matters worse, many of his supporters are narcissistic, presumptuous and intolerable.
    Despite all of this, disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters who want to vote with their brains instead of their hearts have no choice but to vote for Obama.
    The reasons have nothing to do with foreign policy. The Obama foreign policy and the McCain foreign policy will be almost indistinguishable. They both support a larger army; they both support NATO expansion; they both support the recognition of Kosovo; they both support more aid to the Georgians and oppose independence for South Ossetia. In the Middle East, their views on the Israeli/Palestinian dispute are almost the same and they both advocate a stronger effort to fight the resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan. On Pakistan, if anything, Obama has been even more of a hawk than McCain.
    There is almost no real difference between the McCain neoconservative foreign policy advisors and Obama’s liberal internationalist foreign policy advisors. And to be honest, Obama and Clinton rely on essentially the same foreign policy team and select their advisors from the same university departments and think tanks.
    It’s on domestic policy that the differences between Obama and McCain are most pronounced. Of course every one knows that Obama’s Supreme Court appointments will be dramatically better than McCain’s. And it is abundantly apparent that if he is elected with a Democratic House and Senate in place, real health care reform may finally be enacted. Obama’s plan isn’t as good as Hillary’s but compared to what we have now, it’s great.
    But there are numerous other very important, but less talked about, reasons to vote for Obama. Here are just ten:
    1)The National Labor Relations Board. Members of the NLRB and its powerful General Counsel are appointed by the President and approved by the Senate. If McCain wins, the NLRB will continue to be business friendly. If Obama wins he will appoint union friendly members to the Board. The positive effect that this could have on certification elections and unfair labor practice cases is profound.
    2)The Taft Hartley Act. The Taft Hartley Act, passed over President Truman’s veto by a republican congress in 1947, greatly restricted the activities and power of labor unions. Far more than Ronald Reagan’s dismissal of the air traffic controllers in the PATCO strike, this legislation stuck a stake through the heart of the labor union movement. It is unlikely to ever be repealed. But with a Democratic President and large Democratic majorities in the House and Senate it might be amended in ways that would make it less onerous. This could be tremendously beneficial to organized labor.
    3)Ledbetter v Goodyear Tire. In this 2007 case the Supreme Court dramatically limited the amount of time that an employee has to bring a claim of gender discrimination. The decision is so onerous that it virtually precludes women who experience pay discrimination from suing. This case can be overturned by appropriate legislation. If Obama wins, the Congress will pass and he will sign legislation to overturn the Ledbetter decision. If McCain wins, he will veto legislation overturning this decision and undoubtedly Congress will not have sufficient votes to override the veto.
    4)National Institutes of Health. The United States Government through the NIH is the largest funder of biomedical research in the world. Yet the government spends more money fighting the War in Iraq in three months then is budgeted by Congress for the NIH in an entire year. During the eight years of the Clinton Presidency, the NIH budget doubled. That’s one of the reasons that the death rate from AIDS has plummeted and new treatments are being found for cancer, heart disease and autoimmune disease. During the eight years of the Bush Presidency, the NIH budget has remained flat. If Obama is elected, the NIH budget will start to increase again. If McCain is elected, it won’t.
    5)Fetal Tissue Research. Stem cell research gets a lot of attention these days. Embryonic stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can morph into several cell types potentially useful for therapy. Most Democrats support it, so do some pro-life Republicans including McCain. Fetal tissue is different and more controversial because it is derived exclusively from aborted fetus. Fetal tissue may be useful as a source of insulin producing cells for juvenile diabetes and dopamine producing cells for patients with Parkinson’s disease. George H.W. Bush forbade NIH scientists from conducting fetal tissue research. Bill Clinton issued an executive order overturning the ban. When George W. Bush was elected, the ban was reinstated. If Obama is elected, fetal tissue research will move forward. If McCain is elected it won’t.
    6)Family Planning. A McCain Administration will continue the policy of the current Administration and will oppose funding for all international family planning agencies if they are also abortion providers. An Obama administration will scrap this terrible policy.
    7)National Foundation for the Humanities/National Foundation for the Arts. Care about culture? Do you think it should be funded? Obama does, McCain doesn’t.
    8)Federal Communications Commission. The FCC is directed by five Commissioners appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate for 5-year terms. The President designates one of the Commissioners to serve as Chairperson. Only three Commissioners may be members of the same political party. The majority of commission members are usually members of the President’s party. Care about media consolidation? What about net neutrality? Would you rather have Obama selecting the majority of FCC Commissioners or McCain?
    9)California’s Auto Emissions Waiver. California’s request for a waiver that would have allowed it (and by extension several other states) the right to impose higher gasoline mileage standards on auto makers than the Federal Government was denied by George Bush’s EPA Administrator. This waiver is extremely important in the effort to reduce global warming and reduce American dependence on foreign oil. Of course, American automobile manufacturers, in their typical short sighted way, are opposed. If Obama is elected he will grant the waiver. If McCain is elected, he probably won’t.
    10)Clinton in 2012. Many Clinton supporters believe that if McCain is elected now, Hillary Clinton will get another chance in 2012 while she is still young enough to run. This is a flawed strategy. If he loses, in 2012, Obama will be a stronger, more experienced candidate than he is now. So will Hillary Clinton. Both of them will have learned from their mistakes. 2012 will be a reprise of 2008 and the Democratic Party will once again be torn asunder. At the age of 76, McCain will be too old to run again. Jeb Bush will almost certainly be the Republican candidate. Do you want Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, weakened by another hard fought nominating fight, facing off against Jeb Bush? I don’t. I don’t like the odds.
    Sorry, Hillary supporters, I don’t like it either. But we are in the classic Catch 22 situation. Voting for Obama is our only viable choice. I, for one, plan to bitch and moan about it every step of the way. I can’t stand the Democratic nominee and I plan to let Obama supporters know exactly what I think of him and of them. I may have to be dragged kicking and screaming to my polling place.
    I’m furious, but I’m not stupid. When it’s time to pull the lever, I’ll pull it for Obama.


  8. ToddinHB says:

    Panic? Wishful thinking. I give Palin until mid-October to meltdown. I like what Carl Bernstein said, “If McCain were to drop dead tomorrow, would the Republicans be eager to put Palin on the top of the new ticket?” (or something to that effect). I think not…


  9. MarkL says:

    It’s time for Democrats to panic.
    Obama is behind or even in polls with McCain now; Palin is a huge hit, causing a TWENTY point swing in McCain’s favor among women voters; and Obama is calling voters stupid in his stump speech, which is really a cardinal sin.
    Obama is really such a turkey.. ugh.
    I’m in favor of him solely because of the (D), but man, he will have to be carried across the finish line to win this.


  10. Tahoe Editor says:

    What a crock. Regardless of who you support, the whole world knows that McCain and Palin bear scars from taking on their own party. Obama? Biden? Smooth as a baby’s butt. #1 and #3 Most Liberal Senators. Calling McCain and Palin “liars” because they tout reformist and bipartisan credentials that Obama lacks — this is Obama’s Low Road Antics.
    Change™ We Need™ — Does this mean McCain is now Change™ We Can Also Believe™ In?
    Posting a standalone Obama ad with no commentary and only cheerleading. I guess 2 months out you can’t keep your cards to your chest forever. Still, I wonder if you’ll post a McCain ad before the election — without calling it “Low Road Antics” or implying that he thinks Obama is the Antichrist.


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