Oakley the Amazing Weimaraner Turns 9 (and thoughts on Afghanistan)


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The greatest dog in the world, Oakley the Amazing Weimaraner, turned 9 two days ago — and one of his dads has been too busy working on Afghanistan troop issue discussions behind the scenes to post a celebratory note to him. I know that Oakley has a large following here — so wanted to let you know that this incredible, smart, and handsome pup is hitting the big time.
I have a lot of pics you haven’t seen of Oakley and his brother and sister, Buddy and Annie. Those will go up soon.
More tonight and tomorrow on Afghanistan. Very interested in not just the reduction in troop “figure” but the context that President Obama surrounds his decision with. That is more important than whatever number is set tonight.
A couple of quick points on Afghanistan. First, Pakistan is threatening the US relationship on all sorts of fronts. Why? Because it can. Pakistan knows that as long as we are conducting a large scale war in Afghanistan, Pakistan has leverage over the US as it controls so many of the supply and logistics choke points — despite being allied to some degree with the folks we are fighting there.
Second, Barack Obama cannot appear to be a tool of the US military or General Petraeus, who has emerged as the stamp of approval or disapproval for some — like John McCain — of what the President decides. This is not healthy for the country. The military executes the President’s strategy, but some in the Pentagon have crossed lines they shouldn’t. Obama needs to show he is in control.
Third, whether Afghanistan gets “fixed” as a nation, or remains broken, is not a strategic problem for the United States. Having the US military look overextended, exhausted, at resource limits encourages our foes to pursue their ambitions and makes our allies think we aren’t dependable when they may need us. Afghanistan cannot be thought of as a silo unto itself. it has become a black hole for money and is sapping US power.
There will be some who criticize the President’s decision on troop reductions as too small — but at least his move tonight will break the back of never-ending escalations. This is the right move to reduce, to turn a corner, and to pivot in a new direction. If the numbers are sound and the strategy articulated sounder — you’ll see me supporting the President.
But we need to hear the speech first, and I will keep my powder dry until then.
But back to Oakley, Happy Birthday!!
— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “Oakley the Amazing Weimaraner Turns 9 (and thoughts on Afghanistan)

  1. Don Bacon says:

    Pakistan is genuinely and rightly concerned
    about the India-leaning government in Kabul, a relationship promoted by the U.S., and therefore it naturally wants to promote a Pakistan-friendly government in Afghanistan on its western flank. That’s neither surprising nor unwarranted on Pakistan’s part and it is entirely understandable by unbiased observers.


  2. paul lukasiak says:

    Pi and Punkin send Oakley their fondest belated birthday wishes! Now start acting like the dowager you are, close those legs, and show some modesty!


  3. Kathleen Grasso Andersen says:

    P.S….and wouldn’t OBl still be safe and comfy if it weren’t for Wikileaks..isn’t this where the attention was drawn to OBL’s “courier”???? Looks like Assange flushed their hand….with Bradley Manning in solitary confinement, indefintely, we might as well have Henry VIII in charge, lopping off the heads of dissenters….
    And that fishy burial at sea….who’s to say the Prodigal Son has not returned to Mecca?
    Miss POA’s Tobasco-laden observations…need those spicey splashes to liven up the gruelling reality….


  4. Kathleen Grasso Andersen says:

    And maybe it’s all a shadow dance between Pakistan and the Uncle Sam to divert attention from the question of how OBL could have been so safe and comfy right under everyone’s nose…brings to mind the issue of the four Green Berets who witnessed OBL being airlifted from Tora Bora right when he could have been captured, who then all murdered their wives and committed suicide..can’t remember if I read that in Michael Scheurer’s book, Imperial Hubris or Larry Flynt’s book, Sex, Lies, and Politics.


  5. bob h says:

    It seems that the only further American interest in Afghanistan will have to do with what kind of presence we need there to react to events in Pakistan.
    Pakistan is the main game now, and the Pakistanis will exploit the proximity of militants and nuclear weapons to keep our anxieties and military aid high. Sooner or later decisions about Pakistan will have to be made that will make the Abbotobhad raid look like child’s play.


  6. Warren Metzler says:

    I really don’t understand how Americans are able to maintain what I consider to be the irrational dichotomy between “I as an American have inalienable rights”, and “other people, such as Pakistanis, or Afghanis, have no such rights, and are to run their countries to fit my governments foreign policy of the week”.
    Each and every human has the right to live as she feels fit, and certainly every group of people who have created a country have the right to live as they wish. Just because Bush junior and his cronies invented the delusion that Al Queda fly the planes on 9/11, used that delusion to start wars in Afghanistan (including Pakistan) and Iraq, doesn’t make it reasonable and logical for us to spend trillions to fight those wars.
    We started the war in Afghanistan, and we didn’t ask the Afghani people if we should be there. And we certainly didn’t ask the Pakistani people if we should be there. So how we get to maintain this delusion that Pakistan has any obligation to act as we wish; especially when our ten year old mission in Afghanistan and Pakistan is stone cold fascist empire building, totally contrary to every last sentence in our Constitution; boggles my mind.
    Let us leave that area promptly, provide whatever funds it takes to rebuild what we destroyed in Afghanistan, and give up acting like a big bully; almost all such functions originating solely and only to satisfy our insatiable war materials industry and interventionist academics; providing the average American with no benefit and lots of detriments (deficit spending as an example).


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