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I’ve been offline for a day or so working behind the scenes on a number of fronts that I can’t be all that specific about. For Jane Mayer fans, I’m pleased to see that her book is again at #6 on Amazon.
More soon — promise.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Mr.Murder says:

    Obama’s trip to Afghanistan and call for a troop increase there is a quid pro item.,RNWE:2005-39,RNWE:en&q=afghanistan+energy+futures+pipeline+bids
    Apr 17, 2006 … Once the pipeline clears Afghan territory, it will run into …. the future economic benefits for Afghanistan should be enough to change the …
    The Afghan Pipeline You Don’t Know AboutJul 7, 2008 … A key motivation for the pipeline was to block a competing bid involving … It would, of course, bypass Iran and new energy giant Russia, …
    EurasiaNet Business & Economics – Trans-Afghan Pipeline Project …The trans-Afghan pipeline is crucial for the future of the Turkmenistan gas … in Afghanistan on the security of pipeline construction workers and energy …
    The Afghan Pipeline You Don’t Know About « Dissent MagA key motivation for the pipeline was to block a competing bid involving Iran, … troops spending the next half century protecting Turkmeni energy. …
    Afghanistan Aims to Revive Pipeline Plans – Security Council …If Unocal made a bid, it would be hard to beat, said Adel, the deputy minister. … Argentina’s Bridas proposed a pipeline through western Afghanistan in …
    Follow the Money.
    Iraq had better take the hint. Sign the oil concession, the USA will add many extra troops, enough to help the power seat solidify its grasp.
    Hope and change express.
    The hope of oil producers, paid for by change from the taxpayer pockets. Billions worth.


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