Nothing New? Come on. . .There’s Plenty. . .Who is MATTHEW FREEDMAN and What EXACTLY Was He Doing to Earn Tax-Payer Money From John Bolton’s Office??


The White House is apparently working over-time schmoozing the media and suggesting that there is nothing new out there on John Bolton.
You could have fooled me.
If swiping memos from Colin Powell’s briefing materials, sabotaging Jack Pritchard and Armitage on North Korea policy, keeping Rice and Powell in the dark on fundamental policy issues, being stricken from the Libya negotiating team — and Iran team — at the request of British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, and harrassing intelligence analysts like Christian Westermann and Rexon Ryu is collectively not enough….
Well….wait for the NSA intercepts before making your mind up. . .and wait until we have more information on Mr. Matt Freedman.
We know very little about Matt Freedman — but apparently he has been a paid consultant — yes, paid with your very tax dollars — to John Bolton over the last four years.
We do not know how much Mr. Freedman was paid or for what specific services. We do not know how many hours or days a week Mr. Freedman worked — but we know he has been on the payroll for some time.
And what did U.S. taxpayers pay him to do??
Our dollars paid Mr. Freedman to provide John Bolton with various kinds of “strategic advice” and “consulting on management issues.”
What? Bolton had a management consultant all this time!?
TWN really wants to know more. Maybe this is nothing — but so far it seems pretty juicy.
Management advice? John Bolton?
What was Matt Freedman really being paid for? Inquiring minds REALLY want to know. And so, TWN hears, does the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. . .
One odd tidbit to this story. . .TWN has not posted anything about the Melody Townsel story on John Bolton. Lots of others have done so.
However, this same Matt Freedman worked on the same contract as the now-famed Melody Townsel, who shared her recollections of one dark and bizarre night where John Bolton allegedly lost it. Freedman worked directly for Charlie Black at Black Manafort Stone & Kelly — where Townsel also worked.
Our tax dollars — four years — management consulting (!) — John Bolton.
And the White House is peddling the line that there is nothing new out there??
— Steve Clemons