Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) in Serious “Ted Stevens-Style Trouble”? Did He Buy His Own Suits and Pay His Own Power Bill?


Thanks to Politico‘s Ben Smith for sending this our way.
This is the most painful press engagement between a campaign spokesman and a “polite, but persistent” group of media I have ever seen.
Let’s just hope that Al Franken buys all of his own suits.
As American Prospect executive editor Mark Schmitt just wrote in a note, the media between now and election day will just keep asking “who was paying for [Norm Coleman’s] suits, his gas bill, his rent, his wife’s salary, etc.”
Adding to the fun, Mark Leon Goldberg of UN Dispatch shared with me, “Oh, how I wish Kofi Annan would travel to Minneapolis to demand Coleman’s resignation.” That is exactly what John Bolton’s best friend in the Senate, Norm Coleman, did to Annan.
More later.
— Steve Clemons


6 comments on “Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) in Serious “Ted Stevens-Style Trouble”? Did He Buy His Own Suits and Pay His Own Power Bill?

  1. glenn says:

    This is the same Norm Coleman who tried to defame George Galloway by linking him to fraudulent behaviour in the oil for food programme – and now here is Norm getting pricey suits as gifts, payments for the missus and other didgy stuff!!
    Watching George make mincemeat of this fraud was great entertainment anyway – but now we hear of Norms dodgy gifts it makes it worth watching all over again!!


  2. Eric Matthews says:

    Coleman has slimed his way through this entire campaign. His rabidly anti-union television spots have been discredited more than once by reporter Pat Kessler of WCCO-TV in Minneapolis, but he continues to air the same distortions. Norm has lied about Franken over and over again, including the “didn’t pay your taxes” nonsense. Most recently, his campaign aired photos of Franken speaking at a Paul Wellstone memorial event and misrepresented snippets of the footage as Franken’s “anger”.
    It’s good to see the truth about Norm finaly coming out.


  3. Schuyler Cook says:

    Not a gift, can’t or won’t show proof of his own purchase? Maybe he stole the clothes and is delinquent on his electric bill?
    Sounds like a political prostitute to me and the question remains, who is Norm’s pimp?
    Keep us all posted, please.


  4. jon says:

    And maybe he was ‘borrowing’ electricity, in the same way that I
    only borrow beer.


  5. Steve Clemons says:

    JohnH — you deserve a prize for that line. Best I’ve seen yet.
    Thanks much….steve


  6. JohnH says:

    I always understood Norm Coleman as an empty suit. Now it turns out that the suit wasn’t even his.
    Is there a better symbol of today’s corrupt Washington politician? Nothing more than a proxy for Big Money.


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