Media Alerts: CNN, WNYC, and New York Sun


Thanks for the good greetings from many friends and TWN readers who clocked in from China, Australia, Israel, and throughout Europe tonight regarding some comments I made on CNN International about the Annapolis Summit.
Tomorrow, at about 10:20 am, I’ll be chatting with Brian Lehrer on WNYC New York Public Radio about Bush’s chances of success in Annapolis — and who loses if the effort fails (just a hint: everyone loses).
Also, here is an interesting tidbit in the New York Sun titled “Has Bloomberg Found his Condoleezza?” about Nancy Soderberg’s alleged tutorials of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who continues to insist he’s not going to run for the presidency.
I’m quoted in the piece, suggesting that it makes sense to me that Bloomberg would want a tutor who is progressive but practical, committed to good ends in the world but not in ways that undermine American interests — sort of along the lines of Richard Holbrooke, whom Soderberg worked closely with. Unfortunately the piece mentions both Soderberg and Holbrooke, but not the strong connection between them, which must have been excised by an over eager editor.
And also greetings to the guys who said hello to me — mentioning the blog — on P Street and U Streets. Made my day.
— Steve Clemons


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