London, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv. . .


After a three hour lunch with Abdul Barri Atwan, an iconoclastic and important journalist who heads the Arab newspaper, Al Quds, I went to Heathrow Airport which was a mob scene because dozens of flights cancelled due to fog problems.
I made it to Frankfurt that night, arriving many hours late — and had to stay there til the next morning to catch a flight to Tel Aviv, where I am now.
Today, I’m meeting a long list of people in Israeli political and journalistic circles and will be back to the blog soon.
On the “Bush Bombing Memo” front, there is something there.
The Brits plan to resume prosecution on January 10th of the two civil servants that let the news out about the 5-page brief under the UK’s Official Secrets Act. TWN has been in touch with former British Minister of Defense Peter Kilfoyle as well as others who have made important public comments about the memo.
I’ll put what I’ve learned into a post tonight or tomorrow.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons