John McCain’s Spoof of Democratic Battle


Barack Obama is within 100 delegates of securing the Democratic presidential nomination.
Hillary Clinton has promised to stick it through all of the primary races — going at least until June 3rd. Perhaps she is seeking at this point to secure a policy in Democratic primary history and showing how tenacious a female candidate can go — showing that a future female candidate will go all the way and not give up.
But I have to admit that the Saturday Night Live skit above with John McCain made me chuckle.
— Steve Clemons


5 comments on “John McCain’s Spoof of Democratic Battle

  1. Roger says:

    McCain on SNL made me laugh too—at his asininity. There’s
    nothing sicker than a novice regurgitating poorly written lines and
    doing it badly to boot. This applies equally to Obama, Clinton, and
    McCain. I have no problem with them doing it on SNL because I
    don’t watch SNL. My heartburn is when it’s played over and over on
    every news network and displaces real news.


  2. Mavis says:

    Hi Steve,
    This is the first time I have commented on your blog.
    I am all for “girl power” and fighting for what you want, but this is embarrassing. I completely supported her when she announced her candidacy, but her actions and negativity and willingness to say or do ANYTHING to get what she wants has pushed me away.
    And the SNL skit was painfully funny. John McCain is always funny in those situations. The trouble is, he makes serious statements that are so off-base that they are funny only because they are so crazy. Like his stroll down the streets of Baghdad. (Who paid for all the security he needed to do that, anyway?)


  3. EA says:

    Hilarious. Humor is humor because it is derived from truth.


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