Invitation to “OUTRAGE” by Kirby Dick


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The Washington Note is supporting the first DC premier screening of the new film, OUTRAGE — an expose on the secret lives of gay politicians.
The film opens in selected theaters in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC on Friday, May 8th — but I am supporting a screening in Washington at the Landmark E Street Cinemas on Tuesday, April 28th at 7 pm.
Michael Rogers, who was the first to lay the groundwork for outing former Idaho Senator Larry Craig, figures heavily in the film with his work in exposing politicians who have consistently voted against the civil rights and in favor of legislation that discriminates against gays and lesbians.
Others interviewed are US Representatives Barney Frank and Tammy Baldwin, former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, former Congressman Jim Kolbe, activist Larry Kramer, former US Ambassador to Romania and Council for Global Equality senior adviser Michael Guest, radio personality Michelangelo Signorile, and myself.
If any regular — lurking — or even closeted — TWN readers would like to join me for this premier screening and to meet Director Kirby Dick, who was nominated for an academy award for his film, This Film is Not Yet Rated, send me a note. I’d be happy to provide tickets for readers — but don’t fail to show up.
And. . .very cool. . .I just learned that Washington Life magazine will be covering the event.
— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “Invitation to “OUTRAGE” by Kirby Dick

  1. Milford A. Decker says:

    Dear Kirby,
    If you ever want to explore this issue on a state level…our local Republican senator would be worth a look at. He married to win initial election, quite late in life, purportedly visited distant NY cities for sex, paid some local boys large sums to engage in sex, and purportedly preferes boys and young men. He opposes state LGBT issues/party line.
    If he were more supportive the rest would be forgivable.
    When his orientation is discussed with other public officials…there is a snicker and a wick.


  2. bigolpoofter says:

    POA… For starters, it’s “sexual orientation,” not “sexual preference.” And members of Congress living in duplicity of any kind should be a concern of every American, given the access to sensitive data which our national lawmakers and Cabinet members have. Can you imagine the lengths to which a Senator or Governor might go to keep his secrets–whether it’s a same-sex lover back in Florida or Kentucky, or a “roommate” in DC–secret??!! They’d make Ames look like a Boy Scout.


  3. Linda says:

    You have more hope that I do because I’m not at all sure that there are any.


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Well, like I said, they all seem to be in the closet.


  5. Linda says:

    Great idea! Do you have know of anyone with tested integrity in 111th Congress? That actually is more interesting and important than anyone’s sexual orientation. I’d be interested in your picks and others’ nominees. Paul Wellstone comes to my mind, but of course he is no longer with us.


  6. Steve Clemons says:

    POA — I don’t have a plan to do that, but it’s a really good idea if there are any closeted figures with great integrity. We should more fully discuss this another day. The concept is interesting. All best — crazed here, steve


  7. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Steve, the sexual preference of our politicians is of no interest to me. It should suprise no one that some sleazeball is a politician first, and faithful to his brother gays second. They are lying hypocrites on a number of fronts, why would we expect them to treat their own sexuality any different?
    Do you have a plan on how to draw the politicians that possess integrity out of the closet? Because THAT seems to even more closeted than sexual preference is in Washington DC.


  8. AnonymousHillStaffer says:

    From someone who feels like I have to lurk up here in the halls of Congress still about who I really am, all I can say is many thanks for all that you do. You have to be the bravest or craziest think tanker in DC to be at the same time hosting an event on gay politicians and the other a very big US-Saudi conference. You are breaking the mold on what is permissable in Washington, DC and you have a ton of fans who know what leadership you are showing that makes the lives and work of many far better.
    Thank you Steve.


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